Dispatcher Helps 10-year-old Girl Deliver New Baby Sister

Last updated November 24, 2022

When most people think of emergency services, they picture firefighters and police officers rushing to the scene of an accident or crime. However, 911 operators also play a vital role in responding to less headline-grabbing emergencies, such as medical crisis.

This was the case for one young girl in Washington state, who recently found herself in the middle of a very different kind of emergency.

When her mother began to go into labor, 10-year-old Miracle Moore quickly called 911 for help. Dispatcher Scott Stranghoener answered the call and calmly walked Miracle through the delivery process, all the way through drying the newborn baby off and rubbing her back until she was able to take her first breath and started crying.

Once first responders arrived, they transported mom and baby to the hospital. However, thanks to Miracle following Stranghoener's instructions, the hard part was over.

As of the writing of this article, mom and baby are doing great!

Dispatching is serious business, but every once in a while dispatchers get a call that really restores their faith in humanity. This was one of those calls.

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation can mean the difference between life and death, and this little girl definitely had the presence of mind to know how to help her mom in a time of need.

We're so glad that everything worked out for them and that they are both healthy and happy.

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3 comments on “Dispatcher Helps 10-year-old Girl Deliver New Baby Sister”

  1. A miracle performance from Miss Miracle. Ten years old and a genuine heroine. She's a CLASS ACT of the first order !

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