Early Morning Break-in at LA Mayor's Residence Results in Quick Arrest

 April 23, 2024

A peaceful morning was disrupted by an unexpected break-in at the official residence of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass.

In Los Angeles' Getty House, a suspect shattered a window early Sunday morning, leading to his prompt arrest without further incidents.

The Daily Mail reported that at approximately 6:40 AM, an intruder, later identified as 29-year-old Ephraim Matthew Hunter, forced his way into Getty House by smashing a window. This residence serves as the home of Mayor Karen Bass during her tenure.

LAPD swiftly captures suspect to ensure public safety

The Los Angeles Police Department responded immediately, efficiently preventing any escalation of the situation. Thanks to their quick response, Hunter was arrested, ensuring the safety of all residents inside the house.

Mayor Karen Bass was in the home with her family at the time of the intrusion. Fortunately, no one was harmed during the incident, underscoring the effectiveness of the security measures in place.

Mayor Bass, elected in 2022 and has represented the Democratic party in Congress since 2011, has been personally affected by crime before. Handguns were stolen from her property during a previous break-in in 2022, marking this as not the first breach of her security.

The resilience of Mayor Bass amidst recurring security threats

The suspect, Ephraim Matthew Hunter, now faces legal consequences following his actions. His bail has been set at $50,000, with the case expected to advance to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office shortly.

This event has reignited discussions about the security measures at the residences of public officials, considering the prior instances of security breaches at Mayor Bass's home.

Los Angeles Police Department and Mayor Bass’s office provided statements confirming the details of the break-in and expressing gratitude towards the responding officers for their prompt action.

The Los Angeles Police Department said:

Around 6:40am this morning an individual smashed a window to gain entry into the Getty House while occupied. Mayor Bass and her family were not injured and are safe. The Mayor is grateful to LAPD for responding and arresting the suspect.

Community and official reactions underline a united front against crime

Los Angeles residents and supporters of Mayor Bass have shown great concern and have been reassured by law enforcement's quick actions. Given the peaceful resolution to what could have been a dangerous situation, the community feels relief.

How the Los Angeles Police Department handled this situation showcases their commitment to public safety, a vital aspect in maintaining trust in times of crisis.


The early morning hours at Getty House were disrupted when Ephraim Matthew Hunter forcibly entered the residence. The Los Angeles Police Department's efficient response ensured that Mayor Karen Bass and her family remained unharmed. With the suspect arrested and set for a court case, the city can breathe easier knowing the swift action of its first responders continues to protect its citizens.

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