Law Enforcement Officers Are Under Assault - Literally

By Ethan Cole on
 September 22, 2020

Police officers are being targeted and attacked across the country. These men and women put their lives on the line for the American people. It's a horrific time in our history when our heroes become the target of senseless violence.

Here are three recent incidents when our law enforcement officers were ruthlessly assaulted:

In Pinevale LA, an officer was exiting his vehicle in an alleyway when he was ambushed. Two shots were fired, striking him in the leg and striking the back of his vehicle. The officer took cover and waited for backup to arrive. He was hospitalized and later released, At this time, there are no suspects under investigation though a reward has been offered.

In Compton Ca, two Los Angeles County officers were ambushed in their parked vehicle. The officers were both shot multiple times. One deputy, mother to a 6-year old, was shot in the jaw and arm. Despite these wounds she was able to help get her partner, who had been shot in the head and arm, out of the vehicle. There is video surveillance of the ambush but no description other than a male suspect.

In Camden County NJ, the home of two officers was targeted by a drive by shooting. Six shots were fired from a Honda Odyssey that pulled up to the house:

"I do know that this was a targeted attack against this residence and the officers inside," he said.

"Thank God the officers and their baby were uninjured," Camden County Police Chief Joseph Wysocki said at a press conference Thursday.


It's more important than ever that we stand with those who protect and serve on the front lines. Our officers must know we support them and are watching their six.

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