Four Falmouth Police Officers Lift SUV, Paramedic Pulls Victim Free

When adrenaline is pumping, first responders have the ability to do amazing things to save a life, especially when they are all working together. Four Massachusetts police officers were able to lift an SUV enough for one man to be pulled to safety.

Late Night Car Wreck

According to the Boston Herald, Falmouth police received a phone call from a woman who lived on JudyAnn Drive in East Falmouth, stating she heard screaming. The man's screams were coming from the intersection of East Falmouth Highway and her street.

The call came into officers around 2:00 a.m. When police officers got to the scene, they found a 2004 GMC Envoy SUV that had crashed and rolled over.

According to the Boston Herald, four officers approached the vehicle and could see that the man was suffering from potentially life-threatening injuries.

Getting Him Free

Officers knew that the only way to get him out from under the car would be to lift it just enough for the Falmouth Fire/ Rescue operator to pull him out. So officers Christopher Livingston, Joshua Oliver, Stephen Senior, and Tyler Narbonne worked together to lift the car just enough for the paramedic to get him free.

According to Falmouth Police Department, the man, who was later identified as Anthony J. Gonsalves, 26, was sent to an off Cape medical facility for the treatment of his injuries. Initially, he had gone to the Falmouth Hospital via ambulance after being freed from under the SUV.

According to authorities, they believe that the crash resulted from Gonsalves driving too fast on wet roads. As a result, they believe he lost control as he approached the intersection, which caused him to leave the highway and roll the SUV over.

Working Together To Safe A Life

Law enforcement officers and paramedics often work together at crash sites to get victims out of vehicles and to safety. These officers went above and beyond to act quickly to save this man's life. But, picking an SUV up, even just a little bit, is no easy feat.

The timing of the lift and the paramedic pulling him out had to be perfect. These men all worked bravely and heroically to free the trapped man.

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