Safe Washington: Package Of Bills Proposed Would Reform "Anti-Policing" Laws

 January 7, 2022

In Seattle, legislation has been passed that is harming the Seattle Police Department's ability to protect and serve the community. Bill 1310 requires police officers to use the least amount of force necessary and limits when police can pursue a suspect. Bill 1054 bans law enforcement from using "military equipment" such as .50-caliber ammunition or greater.

The Seattle City Council has failed their constituents by passing these anti-police laws. They have effectively stopped law enforcement from protecting Seattleites from crime in their communities.

"During the last legislative session, the majority dropped the ball on public safety," said state Sen. Mike Padden, R- Spokane Valley, at a press conference. "They systematically removed some critical tools for law enforcement, reduced punishment for criminals and missed opportunities to protect the public."


In response, Republican lawmakers are proposing legislation aimed at reforming what they call "anti-policing" laws, with a package of 22 bills introduced in the House and 21 introduced in the Senate. These bills primarily take aim at HB 1310 and HB 1054.

Seattleites need to be protected, and these anti-police laws are preventing the Seattle Police Department from doing their job. The Republican lawmakers' Safe Washington package of bills is a much needed step in the right direction to ensuring that Seattleites are safe in their communities.

What do you think of Washington's anti-police laws? Let us know in the comments.

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36 comments on “Safe Washington: Package Of Bills Proposed Would Reform "Anti-Policing" Laws”


    1. You have to realize that the MAIN problem is the councilmen who are doing all the BS in hopes of what ?? WE HAVE THE POWER ??

      1. I agree, but you have to remember these same citizens are the ones who voted for these idiots. The citizens should do a recall and remove these idiots. Look at California, they had a chance to get rid of the useless Newson but they didn't and now they are whining because of the lawlessness and filth.

  2. This whole country has gone nuts. These people were elected to speak for us. Put it to a popular vote and none of there radical laws would pass. I am a Veteran and I am ashamed of this government

  3. These kind of fools ( democratic party ) haven't Americans in mind , the demons run rampant as the black lives crime matter even more , it's people like the un-american politicians ( the squad ) and vice president harris that supports al sharpton a racist moron . Along with Soros who wants nothing less than Americans in poverty , the Democrats have that under control , inflation is there calling card , open borders is as a child kicking and screaming , we hate trump no matter how much illegals contamination there is and all the various type of the China virus . Look alive America you know what hasta happen , vote Republican an honest choice for a better America .

  4. The people in charge that want to limit the powers of the police should not have any more personal protection for themselves than the general public. Of course, they see themselves as "special" and need protection. For the pee-ons, not so much.

  5. Like a wildfire, the "spirit of lawlessness" is sweeping across America.

    God has turned away from this nation.

    It is now under judgment.

      1. Instead of pampering a minority of weird ass people we need to support the law enforcement people and put the cop haters behind bars. What they're doing is interference with the law. It's time to put these SOB' in jail and get our cop back to work and support the job they do!!!

    1. God hasn't turned his back on our nation, it's because many people have stopped praying and have turned their backs on him !

  6. Hopefully, the citizens of Seattle don't live to regret their anti-police policy. They will! And then they will complain about the lack of protection. The left coast proves that some people don't have the brains God gave them and further, don't know how to use what little they have left. Disrespect of law enforcement will definitely bite them where they sit!!

  7. To the residents of Seattle.
    When the police are DENIED the tools that are needed "To Protect & Serve" the general public by legislators. Then it is up to the general public to PROTECT & DEFEND THEMSELVES.
    90% of people are honest, law abiding citizens, which means we have the criminals outnumbered 9 to 1.
    A lot of politicians and lawmakers (for reasons of power & money), are trying to "level the playing field" between criminals and the rest of us. THIS IS NOT A GAME, that needs a fair & level playing field.
    You can no longer rely on others for your defense & protection.
    When rattling your saber (the law) no longer works. Then it is time to take it out of the scabbard & use it.

    1. The reality of all this bull shit is that the use of deadly force is going to have to be used in order to stop it. People can all get upset with the idea of deadly force, but it keeps getting more violent across the country. Look at Portland, OR, San Franciso, LA, Chicago. These people have been given the right to do whatever they want to do. Do you believe they will stop on their own??

  8. I think this is a disgrace to the citizens of Seattle. The politicians proposing these laws should be forced to put on the uniform and do the Polices' job. They will more than likely have mass exoduses of Police. I would not work under these conditions. The public should be raising hell about decreasing their public safety.

    K. Clark
    Savannah, Ga.

      1. Are you sure? With all the organized voter fraud occurring it is impossible to know who truly wins an election.
        Remember. An election is not won by those who cast the ballots, but by those who COUNT the ballots - Joseph Stalin

  9. Stupid is as stupid does. The citizens of Seattle should be up in arms if they are not then the get What the ask for.

  10. As the city council does not support law and order, the police department needs to post "do not answer calls from this address or from this person".

  11. No matter what you wish for, the dems, presently are organized and because of corruption or threats or intimidation the people of your state, county, or city are under the control by democat socialist. all the way to the top. This control has to be broken and the only way to do it peacefully is to vote them out, totally and effectively. The dem leadership has also brought in to the country all these illegal immigrants from the middle east, the south of the border caravans and the Chinese workers and students for the purpose of voting for the democrat socialist to steal your country with the help of China and Saudi Arabia. They are here also to destroy the country with forest fires, destruction of homes and businesses, terrorist tactics, and the worst at the time the Chinese and democrat's virus to murder our citizens. It is up to you to live for your family and country, to send these immigrants home to there place of birth not to steal ours.

  12. I agree with the BILL, it's Soros and his voting machines, I'm sure that's what happened in the recall in California.

  13. They pass anti police acts then cry when they have no protection. When will they wake up, first ham string the police then take legaly owned guns that people buy to protect their families. THey want a Social/communist state where they just sit on their collective buts and wait for the Government to take care of them, why don't they just goto communist nation instead of trying to destroy ours ?

  14. "Least amount of force necessary"? Obviously the idiots who make the laws in Washington state have no real world experience in the streets. All they are doing is creating a new defense for criminals who will most certainly claim the cop who arrested them used excessive force. "case dismissed!" The police need to join a national police union with some teeth to negotiate rules and laws for conducting street encounters. The Washington lawmakers appear to believe that a criminal in a street encounter behaves the same as a cleaned up criminal appearing in court in a suit and tie. Maybe they should do a few ride alongs with officers on duty. It could be enlightening.

  15. Refer to Cloward & Piven's plan to install an authoritarian Federal government (socialist) by creating situations that only big government can correct. These politicians who create these baffling situations are doing it intentionally because no one with a functioning brain can be THAT stupid. This is a situation of the socialist 5th column democrats intentionally functioning on the level of subversion and treason. The ruination of American society Is a requirement to bring on Barack Obama's "Change" to a socialist /Marxist conversion. The average citizen isn't interested enough in politics to even have a clue about the slow persistent overthrow of the Constitution by the enemies within.

  16. The state of Washington is the liberal laughing stock of the world. The taxpayers are so incredibly stupid to elect the clowns. When they have crime issues they should call Biden, Obama or Reverend Jackson.

  17. I hope these city council members and the fools who support their decisions have need for protection and the police are needed but don't respond. Only one word to describe Seattle!!!!! Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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