HERO DOWN: Another Community Servant Slain In The Line Of Duty

By Ethan Cole on
 October 7, 2020

In America today, Law Enforcement Officers are being targeted with extreme violence. They hold the thin line between civil order and complete chaos. In fact, low income communities rely heavily on law enforcement for protection and security.

Recently, law enforcement has come under fire from politicians, community leaders and organized civilian groups. The men and women in blue need support, they need their communities to stand with them... especially against elected officials throwing them to the wolves.

Unfortunately, the anti-police rhetoric comes with a cost. In this case, another officer down; brutally ambushed and murdered while conducting an investigation and serving his community.

Officer Collins was part of the Violent Crimes Unit in Pine Bluff, AK. He had always aspired to become a Police Officer. His greatest passion was serving his community. Notably, he worked with at-risk boys through two-week youth camps. Also, Collins rescued a 95-year-old woman from a burning building.

Officer Collins was an exemplary man, he epitomized the word Sheepdog:

“This young man, once assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit, would work day in and day out to come out and try to arrest individuals that were involved in violent crimes within our community,” he said with pride in his voice as he spoke about the fallen hero. “So I can tell you at his heart, being a police officer is what Kevin wanted to do. Unfortunately today… Kevin was shot…”


The anti-police rhetoric has emboldened criminals. It's time Americans stand up to the politicians and groups promoting this dangerous rhetoric.

We stand with the men and women in blue! Do you? Let us know in the comments below.

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