Seattle Offers $25k Bonuses To Entice Police Candidates After Defunding And Vaccine Mandates Decimate Force

 November 3, 2021

Seattle's police force has so few officers left that Mayor Jenny Durkan has now offered a $25,000 hiring bonus to help bring in additional staff.

Depleted Police Force

The last two years have been hard on the department, and since Durkan is not running for re-election, she has decided to use the four days she has left to reverse the sad predicament the police force is now in. In May of 2021, the department lost over 20 percent of its officers.

In April, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said, "I have about 1,080 deployable officers. This is the lowest I've seen our department." So then, when the vaccine mandate came into play, almost a third of its police officers would be lost.

The city was in such dire straits to put boots on the ground that non-patrol officers were answering 911 calls. Currently, the unvaccinated officers are trying their case due to a collective bargaining agreement, but they will likely lose additional officers.

Originally, Durkan was behind the city council's decision to defund the department by 17 percent. Unfortunately, her latest move in the name of public safety does not erase that political move.

Seattle Police Officer's Guild President Mike Solan says the executive order is "too little, too late" and does not reverse her betrayal of the officers. "The result of this betrayal has caused 350 police officers to flee Seattle since the riots. Many of these former police employees left for lower-paying agencies just to escape Seattle's toxic political climate. "

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23 comments on “Seattle Offers $25k Bonuses To Entice Police Candidates After Defunding And Vaccine Mandates Decimate Force”

  1. We don't go to Seattle!! because it's too GROSS!!! this is what you get when you want to follow the WOKE WORLD!!!! this is what you get when you wanted a commie governor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The people of Seattle doesn't have a government with common sense because the people of Seattle has no sense of any kind. That's why they have the kind of government they have.

  2. Well, Mayor Jenny Durkan. HOW DOES STUPID FEEL ? It fits you and you wear it well.
    H A. H A. H A.
    Well you DUMB POLICE HATING BITCH, I hope you drown in that well. While the citizens (whom you REFUSED to protect) and the few police that are left, stand by and applaud.
    Also before I forget. you had your "summer of love". Welcome to the SEASON OF HATE ....

  3. With black live CRIME matters , and no penalties applied , they are getting what they want , to be racist , looters , thieves , killers . And Democrats turning a blind eye , as they do with other un-american politicians in there own party , to disorienting the truth and justice that our country is all about . How safe do you feel , they call us names racist , terrorist , because they hate all Americans They have assumed the name democrat , as they are not , more like radicals of epic proportions , communist socialist Christian heritage hating immortal impurities of our God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ . There driven by evil and there voters pay the price to , lies ate the tools of the devil I'll pray for us all !

  4. The men and women if the Police Department are supposed to trust the politicians now?? I don’t think that they are that dumb!

  5. Is this insane or not?!? These policemen were forced to appease this lunatic mayor, and now that she can no longer pull power over anyone, she wants to engage in even more power in her last days! Wow, these poor Seattle citizens can't win for losing!!

  6. The saddest part of this mayor's conduct is that not all Seattle residents voted her in office, but suffer the consequents of those who did!

  7. 20% pay raise. Benefits equal to mayor. Plus the bonus, but make it $50k for mental cruelty. Demand removal of “defund” maggots.

    1. Unfortunately, these people aren’t smart enough to not keep voting in these communist bent democrats. What do they expect?

  8. Had their heads in their butts now they want help from a criminal take over. After they remove the progressive idiots maybe.

  9. This started with The Socialist Squad Members in Congress, AOC, Omar, the Far-Left Radical Cori Bush & others demanded Defunding & Disbanding L.E. Agencies across the U.S. NOW YOU SOCIALIST HYPOCRITES WILL PAY WHEN WE VOTE AGAIN FOR YOU. Resign Now & save yourself an embarrassing defeat. UNITE AMERICA & MAGA 2021/22

  10. I made a comment on here yesterday 11 03 21 it was held up pending approval . I wonder why ?
    Free Speech, as long as it is approved by someone ?

    1. It was approved and released at 12 17 Pm today. They don't give a reason WHY they hold a comment, they just send an email that it has been approved. A little info on what was wrong and caused the hold would be nice.
      Just a thought.

  11. Funny how everyone is blaming the idiot elected officials which they are but ever stop to wonder how they got into the office. That's right the idiot voters voted them in. Ron White said it best, "You can't fix stupid".

  12. We have the same bullshit in Portland, OR, where it is no longer safe and a mayor who has watched the downtown area destroyed. Now they are trying to do the same shit as Seattle. We might get better results if we put the shit bags on the streets into the wealthy areas of Portland and see if we can get any results. The Governor along with her shit bag Adjutant General who refused to activate the guard in the beginning have done nothing to protect the citizens of Oregon. The majority of Oregonians don't even know that we too have the Dominion voting machines. All I say is God help us all.

  13. As bad as this sounds this is what needs to happen. We can't let the government control our lives or the lives of the first responders. We have a freedom of choice to take the vaccine or not. That's between a person and their doctors. Or a religious exemption. But we can't cave into pressure.

  14. Whenever you have someone like this ridiculous liberal feminist idiot in charge you're gonna have all kinds of chaos and confusion. She has no idea what the hell she's doing.

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