Migrants Attack NYPD Cops Outside Shelter

 February 1, 2024

A violent confrontation occurred in Times Square involving a group of migrants and NYPD officers.

During an attempt to arrest a man outside a migrant shelter in Times Square, several migrants assaulted NYPD officers, resulting in multiple injuries and arrests.

The incident unfolded around 8:30 p.m. last Saturday. Officers from the NYPD’s Midtown South Precinct attempted to disperse a disorderly crowd outside the shelter on W. 42nd St. near Seventh Ave. The situation escalated when the officers tried to arrest one of the men.

Chaos Ensues in Midtown: Officers Assaulted by Mob

Police footage shows the group kicking and punching the officers in the head and body. A security guard in the vicinity described the scene as chaotic, with the officers being mobbed. The officers sustained injuries, including a lieutenant who suffered a facial cut.

Four men were apprehended at the scene. Their ages range from 19 to 24, and they now face charges of assaulting a police officer. All four were released without bail following their arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Impact on the Migrant Crisis and Law Enforcement

This incident has intensified the ongoing debate around the city's handling of the migrant crisis. New York City saw an influx of over 100,000 migrants last year, which continues to challenge local authorities.

Patrick Hendry, president of the Police Benevolent Association, expressed frustration at releasing the alleged attackers. He emphasized the growing challenges police officers face in maintaining order under such circumstances.

Attacks on police officers are becoming an epidemic, and the reason is [the] revolving door we’re seeing in cases like this one. It is impossible for police officers to deal effectively with crime and disorder if the justice system can’t or won’t protect us while we do that work.

The suspects, who reside in migrant shelters across Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, are often seen behind the building drinking and smoking. Their behavior has raised concerns among residents and law enforcement alike.

Currently, the NYPD is searching for five additional men involved in the altercation. They have released photos and are appealing to the public for assistance in identifying these individuals.

City's Response to the Migrant Shelter Challenges

The shelter at the Candler Building, where the incident took place, is one of the city's largest for migrants. It opened last March and has been providing vital services, including health care.

This shelter was also one of the first to issue 30-day notices to adult migrants, requiring them to vacate. Such policy changes, including imposing an 11 p.m. curfew at some shelters, are part of the city's efforts to manage the migrant situation.

The Adams administration has been grappling with various challenges due to the influx of migrants. This has led to policy adjustments and sparked demonstrations across the city, reflecting the divide in public opinion on immigration policy.

Incidents involving migrants have been on the rise, with a notable brawl in East Williamsburg last September. During that event, six individuals were arrested, and two officers were injured when the NYPD attempted to confiscate scooters.


The recent assault on NYPD officers in Times Square is a stark reminder of the challenges facing the city amidst the migrant crisis. The altercation has not only raised questions about the city's capacity to handle the influx of migrants but also about the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement in such volatile situations.

With the police still in pursuit of other suspects, the incident underscores the ongoing tension between maintaining public order and addressing the needs of the migrant community.

As the city continues to navigate these complex issues, the balance between law enforcement and humanitarian response remains a critical point of discussion, particularly in the context of the upcoming 2024 elections.

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  1. Not even our officers are safe from these illegals. I don't think they're grateful to be here and they need to go. And some judge turns these criminals loose so they can attack others? So disgusting they are not being made to wait in Mexico and just turned loose in our country for them to never show up to their court date 10 years down the road. They already committed a crime entering illegally now attacking officers? Send them packing as soon as they break the law!

  2. Why are these jerks being handled so carefully ? If they want to fight, send them back where they came from. America already has enough problems!!!

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