Mississippi Woman Shot Dead After Deadly Nightclub Shooting

 March 5, 2024

Tragedy struck the heart of Mississippi during a joyous gathering that turned sour.

Taleese Chandler, a 20-year-old woman, lost her life in a mass shooting at Club Oasis, which also left a dozen injured.

The incident occurred at Club Oasis on Highway 45 Alternate in the quiet town of West Point, Clay County. It was in the early hours of Sunday when chaos ensued, and gunfire erupted amidst the crowd, resulting in Taleese Chandler being fatally shot.

This sudden act of violence has not only robbed a young woman of her life but also inflicted wounds on a dozen others, thankfully expected to survive.

Community Reels in the Aftermath

Following this heinous act, the local authority acted swiftly, leading to the immediate shutdown of Club Oasis. Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott confirmed the club's closure and staunchly stated it would remain closed until vital information was provided. This decision underscores a commitment to safety and justice as the community begins to process this horrific event.

The shooting has raised concerns over security measures at local entertainment spots. Sheriff Scott has noted that Club Oasis failed a basic safety protocol; the security cameras were not operational on the night of the fatal shooting. This significant oversight is alarming, given the club's obligation to maintain such security measures.

Further complicating the investigation, the shooters remain at large, with no suspects identified as of yet. There is. However, a sliver of hope as the security personnel at the venue believe that one of the suspects might have escaped into the nearby woods immediately after the shooting.

Initial Evidence Points to Premeditation

In a further revelation, Sheriff Eddie Scott has suggested the possibility of multiple gunmen involved in this premeditated attack.

According to Scott:

What we do know is that a party was advertised, and all these individuals came from other counties into our county. Per our ordinance, the club is supposed to have security cameras, but for some reason or another, last night, the club owner said he wasn't working.

This information casts a shadow over the club's management and raises questions regarding enforcing local ordinances designed to ensure public safety.

The community's response has been a mix of grief and outrage. Social media tributes pour in, mourning the tragic loss of Taleese Chandler and expressing concern for those injured. Particularly poignant is a message from Brittany Walker on Facebook urging witnesses to come forward.

She highlights the presence of 14 security guards on the night yet pleads for any information that might help bring justice to Chandler and the other victims.

A Call for Unity and Reflection

The tragedy at Club Oasis has stirred a broader conversation about the safety of communal gatherings. Sheriff Scott has advised the community against participating in large gatherings, emphasizing the need to prioritize safety.

Dez Chandler, mourning the loss of his cousin, shared a heart-wrenching message on social media, underscoring the deep personal toll this event has taken on the Chandler family and others affected.

As the community awaits a meeting set for Monday to discuss the future of establishments like Club Oasis, the primary focus remains on supporting the victims and their families, ensuring such a tragedy does not occur again.


The fatal shooting at Club Oasis has left a community in mourning and searching for answers. Taleese Chandler's death and the injury of a dozen others have prompted an immediate shutdown of the club, highlighted concerns over security measures, and ignited calls for justice with no suspects yet identified. Amidst this tragedy, the resilience and solidarity of the West Point community shine as a beacon of hope for a safer and more united future.

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