Missing Tennessee Deputy Found Dead In River

 February 17, 2024

A profound tragedy unfolded in the Tennessee River when the submerged patrol car containing Deputy Robert “RJ” Leonard and an unidentified woman was found nearly a day after he last contacted dispatchers. The incident marked a grim conclusion to a routine arrest that turned fatal when their vehicle ended up in the river under unclear circumstances.

Robert “RJ” Leonard, a dedicated rookie with the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, and an unidentified woman he had recently apprehended were found lifeless in his patrol vehicle that had tragically ended up in the Tennessee River. This discovery happened on Thursday night, initiating a sorrowful chapter for the community and Leonard’s family.

The vehicle’s retrieval from the depths of the river revealed heart-wrenching details. Located at the boundary between Hamilton and Meigs counties, the patrol car was found overturned with its driver-side window down and the trunk burst open from the force of high water pressure. A mud-covered body, believed to be the unidentified woman, lay in the back seat, a silent witness to the tragic events.

Authorities pieced together the events leading to the tragedy through Leonard’s last known communications and the car's condition. Leonard had arrested the woman following a disturbance on a bridge reported around 10 p.m. on Wednesday. His last radio transmission to dispatchers cryptically mentioned driving to the county jail with the suspect and a text to his wife that only read “arrest.”

Final Communication Shrouded in Mystery

Further investigation into Leonard's final communication utilized special techniques to clarify his last words, believed to be “water”. Meigs County District Attorney Russell Johnson shared, “There is a body in the backseat of the car covered by a lot of mud. A lot of mud on the front seat, but nobody was in the front seat. We know that his phone did not receive that text, and dispatch couldn’t tell what he was saying. We think he was saying ‘water.’”

The absence of a reply to Leonard’s last text and the dispatcher's confusion over his last message painted a haunting picture of his final moments, Yahoo reported.

Using satellite tracking and a location-sharing app, deputies were able to find Leonard’s patrol car. It is speculated that Leonard, who was originally from New York and possibly unfamiliar with local road hazards, was distracted by his phone and radio communications at the time of the accident. Despite his brief tenure, Leonard had shown exceptional dedication to his overnight shift, as noted by Sheriff Jackie Melton, who mentioned he was doing a “real good job.”

A Community in Mourning

Chief Deputy Brian Malone expressed how Leonard's death profoundly affected the department, emphasizing his quick integration and impact.

Christa Leonard, overwhelmed by grief, turned to social media to share her anguish and the indelible void left by the tragedy, candidly revealing how the incident shattered her family. Her words underscore the very personal loss behind the uniform: a husband, a father, a friend, gone too soon. As the community and Leonard’s family navigate through this heartbreak, questions remain about the specifics of the incident that led to such a tragic end. The ongoing investigation aims not only to provide answers but also to underscore the inherent risks faced by first responders in their line of duty.

In the wake of this sorrow, the memories of Deputy Robert “RJ” Leonard and the circumstances of his untimely departure continue to resonate, serving as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the sacrifices made by those who serve and protect.


The tragic discovery of Deputy Robert “RJ” Leonard and an unidentified woman in a submerged patrol car marks a somber moment for their families, the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, and the wider community.

The incident unfolded following an arrest made under routine circumstances that took an unforeseen and fatal turn. The specifics of how their vehicle ended up in the Tennessee River remain under investigation, with recovery efforts offering some details but leaving many questions unanswered.

As we honor Deputy Leonard’s service and remember the profound impact of his loss, the community, and his family begin the difficult process of healing and seeking closure.

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