Multiple Mid-Level Commanders Stand Up To Military Leadership Against Marxist Policies

Those who serve in the United States military stand up and fight against those who threaten the freedoms of their citizens. Usually, the threat comes from militants, terrorists, or communists in other countries.

However, recently the threat has come from within. While top-ranking military officials are falling in line, mid-level military leaders are taking a step back from the status quo and standing up for what they believe is right. Almost one leader from every branch has stepped up because they feel that something isn't right.

Taking A Stand

A Space Force lieutenant, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, called out the military's recent training in diversity and anti-extremism as rooted in Marxism. A widely viewed video of Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller criticizing the top brass for how the withdrawal in Afghanistan made waves and ultimately led to his discharge.

Army lieutenant colonel Paul Hague came out against the mandatory requirement of the COVID vaccine, saying it is an "unlawful, unethical, immoral, and tyrannical order," forcing him to resign just shy of retiring.

Finally, Navy Commander J.H. Furman went as far as to go on Fox News to discuss his feelings on the COVID-19 vaccines and how some theories on the vaccination may have some validity.

Common Ground

Interestingly enough, these four military officers were all the same pay grade. They were all field-grade officers who aren't exactly the highest-ranking military officials out there but at a level where people will note what they have to say.

And take note people have. Navy Cmdr. J.H. Furman, a foreign area officer apart of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations office in D.C., went on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show stating the COVID-19 vaccination poses a threat to the Navy. While much of his argument relied on the heavily refuted Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, his overall point is valid. The Navy cannot strategically function if many of its members suffer from the vaccine's ill effects.

Furman does claim the data shows that COVID-19 is far less harmful than the actual vaccine, especially for healthy Americans, a category which many service people fall into.

“Combine that with the unknown long-term impacts of the vaccine from this aborted fetal cell line, either derived or manufactured gene therapy vaccine.”

Navy Cmdr. J.H. Furman

Furman told Carlson that he does not expect to lose his job over his statements and his appearance on the show. So far, his assumption has been correct.

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