Multiple Mid-Level Commanders Stand Up To Military Leadership Against Marxist Policies

 September 26, 2021

Those who serve in the United States military stand up and fight against those who threaten the freedoms of their citizens. Usually, the threat comes from militants, terrorists, or communists in other countries.

However, recently the threat has come from within. While top-ranking military officials are falling in line, mid-level military leaders are taking a step back from the status quo and standing up for what they believe is right. Almost one leader from every branch has stepped up because they feel that something isn't right.

Taking A Stand

A Space Force lieutenant, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, called out the military's recent training in diversity and anti-extremism as rooted in Marxism. A widely viewed video of Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller criticizing the top brass for how the withdrawal in Afghanistan made waves and ultimately led to his discharge.

Army lieutenant colonel Paul Hague came out against the mandatory requirement of the COVID vaccine, saying it is an "unlawful, unethical, immoral, and tyrannical order," forcing him to resign just shy of retiring.

Finally, Navy Commander J.H. Furman went as far as to go on Fox News to discuss his feelings on the COVID-19 vaccines and how some theories on the vaccination may have some validity.

Common Ground

Interestingly enough, these four military officers were all the same pay grade. They were all field-grade officers who aren't exactly the highest-ranking military officials out there but at a level where people will note what they have to say.

And take note people have. Navy Cmdr. J.H. Furman, a foreign area officer apart of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations office in D.C., went on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show stating the COVID-19 vaccination poses a threat to the Navy. While much of his argument relied on the heavily refuted Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, his overall point is valid. The Navy cannot strategically function if many of its members suffer from the vaccine's ill effects.

Furman does claim the data shows that COVID-19 is far less harmful than the actual vaccine, especially for healthy Americans, a category which many service people fall into.

“Combine that with the unknown long-term impacts of the vaccine from this aborted fetal cell line, either derived or manufactured gene therapy vaccine.”

Navy Cmdr. J.H. Furman

Furman told Carlson that he does not expect to lose his job over his statements and his appearance on the show. So far, his assumption has been correct.

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42 comments on “Multiple Mid-Level Commanders Stand Up To Military Leadership Against Marxist Policies”

  1. It's a poorly disguised "purge"! That's what all communist countries do in order to completely take over control!! Blind obedience, or leave.

    1. If you are lucky enough to be allowed to leave! But ahole Joe will change that!
      What other country can you think of where you can just walk in and be treated with all the benefits of citizenship? There are none!

      1. That’s why I’m going to Mexico and claim squatters rights. Then come back to the US illegally and claim welfare and all the other freebies. Which means I will also not be paying federal or state taxes next April, as I will be heading back with a new identity as well

        1. You'll need to renounce your US Citizenship, 1st. Can't be an Illegal Alien collecting Gov't subsidies otherwise. Also will have to vote Democrat for Life. Will it be worth it?

      2. It wouldn't be quite as bad if they just received the same benefits as the American citizen, But they are getting things that the American citizen cannot get.

        1. I'm with you Jacobs ,I have worked 60 years paying Medicare + a premium now ,they come in illegal an get it free. lotts of things are free for them that I at 76 have to pay double for.

  2. Many who have never been in the milary don't realize that there are no generals on many - hell - probably most bases - posts etc. Lt.Col's and Colonels are command oositions.

  3. It's refreshing to see that we have mid level officers who have the cajones to stand up for what's right. Unfortunately, they will never make flag rank because they are not political ass kissers like that permanently puckered Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs. This delusional wonder feared that Trump would start a war with China so he broke chain of command and contacted a high level Chinese official to reassure him that we would not attack China?! Either this jackass is cozying up to the Biden administration or he's nuttier than a fruit cake. Is it still the law under the Uniform Code of Military Justice that any member of the military can bring charges and specifications against any other member of the military? If so, there should be a line of service members waiting to file charges. Unfortunately, due to PP's rank, the convening authority might have to be President Alheimers who still thinks he's hiding in his basement while the DNC and dishonest media go out and steal the election for him.

  4. It seems the top brass doesn't care about their respective branches of the military and the head of the Joint Chiefs is a devout America hating socialist which fits right in with the anti-America WH, dopey Joe and staff. As a Marine veteran of a long time ago when we had a military to be proud of and not an experiment of libtards!!

  5. US Military Forces are REQUIRED to Obey All Lawful Orders.


  6. The Mandatory Vaccinations for our Military and Civilian Population are TOTALLY ILLEGAL !
    This crap will go to the Supreme Court and hopefully they will shut it all down !

    1. The Sup.Court, if they decide to look at the legality of mandatory vaccination, will not get around to looking into it until after we are all dead and buried. Just my opinion, that's all.

  7. i think there are other motives aside from covid 19 and there are to many lies that has been ,and still are being told ect .and futche owns part of the patton on the phizzer one why wouldn t he want everyone to take the shot ,we all need to relize they don t care about any of us or this country they only care about them selves,they are commies look the way they left americans in afcan. i hat saying it but they are commies running our country now

    1. He'd lose all benefits and pay, all right. Only one penalty for Treason. Death by Hanging.
      But he's protected by a Communist Government who will allow him to continue as he is while destroying any who talk against it.

    2. Milley should be court-martialed for treason along with his immediate superior, the commander in chief and both should receive life long prison sentences . If Obama's actions while posturing as president are equivalent in any initiatives he too should join them. Only We The People can press for these deserved punitive

  8. Nothing will change until Millie Vanillie learns to control his "White Rage". Meanwhile we have Russia, China, & Iran are poised to step in once he's decimated the Military and there's nothing left but Radical LeftWits.
    You'll know it's over when the Democrats turn their military, and yes I said THEIR MILITARY, because unless you're also a LeftWit Radical Liberal Democrat, you'll be a target for their New Woke Military.
    BTW. Make sure to mark your bathroom doors accordingly. Many will be confused on which one to use.

  9. Why is OUR government as worthless as it has become. The left did not win the Presidency, but here he is, Biden, the worst "President" in the history of the United States. Everything he has ordered is as unAmerican as can be. No real American can tolerate this much longer, and if our "government officials" cannot save our natioin, THEN IT IS UP TO US ORDINARY CITIZENS TO PUT A STOP TO THIS IDIOCY!

  10. It seems to me there was a purge of the military during the imposter's (Barry Soetoro) reign to eliminate competent leadership. What was left eventually made it to the top (example Milley) and they now supposedly run things, which is why the morale is down!!

  11. How about the actual adverse experience going on in Israel right now? It was the nation with the highest vaccinated rate and is now suffering the adverse effects. Time to wake up!!!

  12. We all knew after Obamass era that evil Marxist style government has been bought and paid for by our enemies and within our dependent made society

  13. All those in the military who are "weak minded", do not love America, Freedom and liberties, who like Marxist ideologies, socialism, fascism, and who fail to protect Americans liberty, and freedoms, should be impeached, fired, and taken out, period, by force if need be. The government is obligated in accordance with the US Constitution, to protect our liberties and freedoms, not our health. My health is my problem and my choice to protect it.


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