Charlotte, NC Firefighters, Police United Against Vaccine Mandate

 September 9, 2021

With states around the country imposing mandates, more and more first responders refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Recently, firefighters and police officers in Charlotte, North Carolina, told the city that they "stand united" in opposition to a mandate.


The firefighters and police officers are represented by three separate organizations that sent a letter to city leaders against mandatory vaccinations.

A letter from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg  Fraternal Order of Police, Charlotte Firefighters Association, and the Charlotte chapter of the UE150 public service workers union went to Mayor Vi Lyles and City Manager Marcus Jones.

The letter said, "Combined, our organizations represent, and speak for, thousands of workers in this city who rely on our advocacy. We understand how COVID has impacted Charlotte but believe all medical decisions shall be an individual choice.”

While the groups are pro-vaccine, they firmly believe that the decision on whether or not to be vaccinated should only be between an employee and their medical provider.

“Governmental agencies that impose mandates that go against individual beliefs and rights are dangerous and should not be permitted. Your employees have courageously fought through this pandemic and should not be faced with an uncertain future because of a vaccination mandate. “

Letter to City Officials

City Stats

The organizations sent the letter to the city a couple of days after the results from a city employee survey about vaccine status were released. The Charlotte Fire Department has the lowest vaccination rate of city employees at 49%.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department has 63% of their 2,407 employees vaccinated. Both police Chief Johnny Jennings and fire Chief Reginald Johnson are vaccinated, though Jennings got COVID last year and fully recovered.

According to Robert Tufano, the CMPD spokesman, "Employees are expected to follow the recently issued mask mandates. They are provided the necessary PPE, and the CMPD will continue to follow all health guidelines."

According to the city incentive program, all city employees who are 100% vaccinated by September 30 will receive $250. Those who have gotten their first shot will still get their reward as long as they get their second by November 19th.

If city employees reach 75% vaccination by September 30th, each vaccinated employee will get another $250. But 1,100 more employees need to get vaccinated. So far, they have not released what will happen to those who will not get vaccinated. Hopefully, the city will listen to the organizations and not impose a mandate.

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22 comments on “Charlotte, NC Firefighters, Police United Against Vaccine Mandate”


  2. Vaccine mandates should be illegal, so should paying people to get the vaccine, this is beginning to sound similar to Nazi Germany, where if you did not fall in line with the government you were not allowed to do certain things, and if you were of a certain ethnic/religious persuasion you were sent to a concentration camp.

  3. Will step 2 will be a manditory yellow star if you are not vaccinated? It's what the police are supposed to fight AGAINST, God bless the Charlotte coppers and brother firemen. American Patriots all,

    BTW a bit off topic but has anyone else noticed the number of people wearing their face diapers on their chin instead of the mouth and nose? Is that where the "Latest" varrient is supposed to invade the body? The chin? (Who's a fool, Their a fool - Parrot in the movie "Bell nook and candle" )

    Bottom Line, - This :"guubment" interfearance in our personal lives have got to cease and I don't mean maybe, I'm with the Patriots in Charlotte all the way.

  4. While I agree with these First Responders that MANDENTORY vaccines are wrong and should NOT be mandated "I" personally chose to get my shots way back in March and I am good with it. We have had well over 150 Officers die so far in 2021 from Covid-19 simply because we have to respond to any emergency or some work in the Jail, etc. I highly recommend getting the Vaccine but still, Mandentory shots should not be forced upon them.

    1. The officers die because nobody bothers to get them either monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin , or hydroxychloroquine along with you budesimide treatments. If treated early like this there are very few who even require hospitalization

      1. JBJ My department had 250 sworn Officers when I was working there. The loss of just one Officer is one too many as far as I am concerned. When I was on active duty, I kept myself healthy by eating right and making my body as strong as I could to ward off illness. As an old man now with many injuries suffered in the line of duty including crushed lungs, I felt that it was best in my case to obtain the shot which I did. This was MY decision, and nobody forced me to do it. When I was in the military, I was subjected to many, many shots when I went overseas to that nasty SE Asia place and nobody asked if I was willing to refuse those shot, they just gave then to me, period. I did not contract Malaria or dengue fever or any of those other 90 or so diseases they were supposed to be subjected to. I think I might have taken the Shot if it was offered but DO NOT ORDER me to take it while I am a free man.

  5. Whoever voted for this 🤡, I hope you're happy, because there's a whole lot of people who aren't!!! Everything you accused Trump of BIDEN is actually doing, AND you're okay with it?! 🤔

  6. I hope all first responders nurses doctors police firefighters that are not vaccinated stand strong and refuse the vaccine. We may be without jobs for a while but when the vaccinated start dropping over like flies developing auto immune disease, heart disease, strokes and cancer will be in pretty big demand

    1. your absolutely right.. you can't make people do what you want to do and you can't force the vaccine on them.. but all we can do is take care of ourselves and keep our masks on but you can't force the vaccine on with that being said to hell with the mandate.

      1. Masks DO NOT work. The only thing they might do is stop someone who has Covid-19 from spreading it around. Unless you are wearing a Surgical rated mask that is rated for stopping infectious diseases those flimsy paper masks can actually make you sick!

  7. Sounds like bribery to me & $250 is NOT worth the chance you take with your life! Kinda like DeBlasio in NY offering up $100 to get the jab. I suspect a lot of druggies will be getting multiple jabs! Should be interesting

  8. Government Overreach at its worst, I am in favor of a First Responder 24 hour work stoppage. Our elected officials, all the way up to the demented carcass occupying the oval office, have completely forgotten that we are a Constitutional Republic.

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