Massachusetts Department of Corrections Fires 75 Plus Over Governors Vaccine Mandate

 January 3, 2022

The Massachusetts Department of Corrections has fired at least 75 personnel, including officers over Governor Bakers vaccine mandate. The department has lost nearly 200 employees in total due to the mandate.

The main issue here is that there is a serious shortage of Correctional Officers as it is, can we really afford to be firing them or driving them to retire or quit?

“The governor has turned his back on the very men and women who worked bravely in these conditions for almost two years,... Even if officers have medical conditions preventing them from receiving a vaccine or have had an adverse reaction to the vaccine or have a sincerely held religious belief, they will be terminated!”


This is a horrible way to treat the men and women who serve our communities, wouldn't you agree? Let us know in the comments.

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58 comments on “Massachusetts Department of Corrections Fires 75 Plus Over Governors Vaccine Mandate”


    1. How can illegal mandates be legal to fire someone. New rules of the new woke house. Ram there agenda thru even if illegal till they are forced by law suits to stop. No mandate should be issued by someone with this idea.

      1. MOST prisons are PRIVATELY owned and RUN, therefore they CAN insist on being VAXXED for employment, JUST as being DRUG Tested.

        1. "privately owned" or not, the "owners" still have to go by the LAWS, and "mandates" are a "suggestion . NOT a "LAW" or legally "enforceable". Let the LAWSUITS BEGIN! I am, SURE there are many sleazy lawyers out there chomping at the bit to grab some big $$$$$$$$$$$, and sue the butts off these communists.

        2. If it is illegal for the government to force a mandate where does a private owner get the right to go over the government and insist on something that will hurt and kill people. What is wrong with this picture. Someone is ignoring the federal law And that someone needs to go.

      1. This demon crat governor is brain dead, just like all of the other demon crat governor's in all of the other states.

  2. When will we read the happy news of a pos government being executed. Punishment can come in many forms. IDENTIFY THEM. BE SURE THEY NEVER HAVE POWER OR WATER WHERE THEY LIVE. BLM THEM.

  3. I feel the governor is over stepping the law as a person's health records are closed personal information so an individual would only have to say they have had the vaccine and no right to even see a jab card is required

      1. Can't even expect the Supreme Court will do the right thing....they haven't so far. In spite of overwhelming evidence, Biden is still in our White House! It appears the SCOTUS is protecting the socialists.

  4. It is now clear that Poopy Pants has no plan to "shut down the virus", as he claimed while the 2020 presidential election was being stolen. The last thing that this drooling stooling booger-eating bribe-taking pedophile rapist and Chinese lackey, or more accurately his controllers and handlers, want is for the plandemic to end. The Dotard, The Round-heeled Mongrel and their apparatchiks want mass unemployment, hyperinflation and misery, because that is the only way that the American people can be made to accept the fascist-communist Great Reset of Gates, Schwab and Soros, and they know that the people will resist the Great Replacement of white by brown and Christian by mohammedan unless they are too panicked and preoccupied to see the homies and the jihadis sneaking up on them with shivs and scimitars.

    1. There are too many brainwashed SHEEP my friend. HOWEVER have faith, these "jabbed" people will eventually begin to expire, and leave the rest of us NON-JABBED "pure bloods" alone.

  5. Firmly stated within our Bible is a warning to those who cause another to fall from grace.... to steal that of treat others the way you would want to be understand that all things come FULL circle. Rest easy in that these enemies of our country WILL receive full payment for their crimes against humanity. Theirs WILL be swift and complete. Now pray for them no matter how hard that is to do and stand back and let God do His work.

  6. The only answer is a class action lawsuit with a really, really mean lawyer!!! This is an illegal act according to the Supremes. I hope the officers clean up!!!!

  7. This so-called purge is the most asinine irresponsible thing perpetrated by the brainless administration. It sounds like a deliberate attempt by those in the shadows behind dopey Joe to ruin this country. The list of anti-American politicians includes state and local politicians including RINOs such as Hogan, governor of Maryland!!

  8. One more example of the fact that policies initiated by and implemented by liberal, socialist, progressive, leftist democrats at all levels of government can in no way be considered anything but communistic and totalitarian. These individuals that the citizens have put in positions of power and influence have seemingly forgotten that they are the employees of those who pay their wages through taxes, but unfortunately so have those who elected those same power mad individuals who allow this kind of Nazi style operation to exist !

  9. Its a REAL SHAME for the officers!!
    LET the City/State BURN, and BURN it will when they start having to let FELONS out early, reduce the types of criminal arrests, etc..
    BURN Mass BURN!!

  10. ASS-achussetts..... Who here is surprised....
    As the former hotbed of revolutionary rebellion at our founding, that state is now a laughing stock of progressive foolishness and general @ss-hattery.
    Folks aren't even allowed to produce or buy EGGS there any more.
    Now the lousiest state in the "union" to stop in for breakfast... Lol
    You get what you vote for, you recieve from govt that which you're willing to tolerate.
    Embrace your new world of egglessness!

  11. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE FEDERAL HIPA LAWS????? This blatantly violates those!
    Further, the FDA approval only covers the newer Corminaty "vax," which is not even AVAILABLE in the US. It does NOT... NOT... cover the EUA version of the vax which they are currently using. This is lawsuit city right here and i hope these under-endowed, insecure little control freaks get sued into oblivion.

  12. NOTHING will change until the PEOPLE FINALLY step up, and proclaim "enough is enough" and refuse to comply to the FRAUDULENTLY "elected" COMMUNISTS, and wealthy "elites", that are now (and always HAVE BEEN ) running this country. It appears the "Tree of Liberty" is is need of "watering", and it had better happen VERY SOON, before we no longer HAVE a country. WAKE UP SHEEP! This is GENOCIDE. This "control-us virus" was designed (YEARS AGO), to fool and terrify, the BRAINWASHED SHEEP into receiving their "new world order, "great reset" depopulation "death jabs", "tests", and continual "boosters" so the population of this country and the WORLD will be "reduced".

  13. And this is helpful, How? Now there is a chance of a take over by inmates of the facility. This endangers the lives of all that are in there, from Correctional Officers to inmates.

    1. Time for a national blue flu month. Let those who seek to rule with ignorance run the institutions, streets. hospitals and nursing facilities. We are taking experienced and educated personnal.away from the positions we.need.most filled. Who does moronic stuff. longer lead they follow. So they should be follow us into the correctional facilities, streets, hospitals, nursing facilities and schools to do our jobs. Mayne we need a.natio flu month where all essential workers take off.. Is the Congress and Senate mandated to get the.jab? Others in the Administration? This is similar to the Jonestown where everyone was forced to drink the Kool aid. Enough is enough.

  14. These folks should be allowed to freeze their retirements and draw them when they become of age. All this does is save the government money because most government have to match the retirement. This way the government knows it will get a refund of money these folks have worked for. Government needs to be addresses up to and overthrown if this is where they are headed.

  15. F Joe Biden and All his Minions !
    He can take the China virus, the vaccines, the jabs, the masks, the mandates, and shove them all up his Ying Yang. ! Biden is a LIAR, THEIF, and a Fraudulent president ! He was handed the White House on a platter of FRAUD . The Month before the 2020 election he bragged about all the FRAUD ! I can say that I absolutely hate the SOB, May he rot in HELL !

  16. COVID Test and treat all the illegal aliens coming in first. We need them to be safe for themselves. Next we need to follow immigration law and it our administration is not following the law then arrest those not adhering to law. If I smuggled in an "alien" in my vehicle I would be arrested and placed in jail. Why not our administrators, Next we need to deal with the illegal drugs coming into our Country and killing us. Maybe it is time to annex Mexico into the United States and welcome them as our neighbor. That way two countries could work together on immigration, drug intervention and future commence issues.

  17. This is what comes with dictatorial edits. These people have tried to removee all protection under the Bill of Rights and Constitution from people. Enough of this crap.

  18. I hope I'm not alone to conclude that the so-called powers that be (the GD democrats) are intentionally sabotaging our economy prior to the election midterms. They will do any underhanded thing they can think of (as they did in 2020) to win. Fraud is second nature to the democrats!!

  19. Dori The Supreme Court said the mandate was illegal AND unsafe.. So if if the supreme court no longer has any clout what are they here for??? I thought they made sure the law AND Constitution were followed and if it’s illegal why aren’t these SUITS arrested for Treason? That would be better than murder which they would probably just get their hand smacked. This news media need to get their heads out of their behinds. Their all rich and think by catering to left that the left will protect them from the bad stuff coming. They are also committing Treason by helping.

  20. I think these mandates of firing people because they don't or cannot have the vaccine is stupid. They have legitimate reasons for not taking it. I believe that if they have medical or religious or even personal reasons they do not want to take the vaccine, they shouldn't be forced to take it. I have had heart problems and lung problems. I took the first one because my cardiologist said they wouldn't do surgery on me if I didn't have one so I got one but I started hearing about people having heart trouble and I said no more. I have enough heart trouble. Don't want any more problems. I stand with the ones who don't and cannot have the vaccine because it is their right and their freedom to make that choice.

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