Multiple Officers Down While Responding To Domestic Disturbance

Anti-Police activists have long called for social workers to respond to domestic calls rather than Police. There's just one problem... those are the most unpredictable and violent calls Law Enforcement typically respond to.

A recent slaying of a Pennsylvania Police Officer makes this point abundantly clear.

Lebanon City Police Lt. William Lebo and three fellow Officers entered a home after responding to a domestic disturbance. They were met with immediate gunfire from the suspect, Travis Shaud.

Officers returned fire but unfortunately, three of the four went down. The suspect was killed at the scene.

Two of the officers remain in the hospital and are being treated for their wounds. Officer Lebo, a 40-year veteran of the department and exactly one month from retirement, was slain.

It is hard to imagine how this situation could have gotten worse. However, if unarmed social workers had responded to the call instead of Police, there likely would have been more bodies in the aftermath.

The call for replacing Law Enforcement with unarmed social workers is absolutely ludicrous. It will result in more deaths and more criminals getting away with murder.

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