The Numbers On Police Brutality Against Black People Are In And The Results May Surprise You

 March 25, 2021

News outlets, activists, and politicians throughout 2020 have all been screaming about the interaction between police officers and the black community. Specifically, they have consistently emphasized the notion that law enforcement is a racist institution disproportionately brutalizing black communities.

Of course, this notion has led to calls from communities to defund the police departments in favor of more community-friendly policies.

Community Perceptions

In response to the highly contested claims of overarching police brutality throughout the country, Skeptic Research Center did a nationwide survey to see how citizens across the political spectrum were interpreting their news.

They asked survey participants, "how many unarmed black men they believe were killed by officers in 2019." Of the liberals surveyed, about 44 percent guessed that between 1,000 and 10,000 unarmed black men were killed. In contrast, about 20 percent of conservatives gave the same estimate.

Overall, many participants on both sides of the political spectrum thought officers killed more unarmed black men than the actual statistics. Both sides responded that they believed around 100 unarmed black men were killed.

Liberals once again came in with the highest number of respondents with 80 percent, while conservatives were about 54 percent. Moderates came in the middle at 66 percent.

Real Numbers

However, the actual number of unarmed black men killed by law enforcement in 2019 was only 27. The difference between perception and reality is astounding. Respondents as a whole believed that almost three and a half times more unarmed black men were shot than were.

These types of statistics point to a failure in reporting and a singular agenda. The more a phrase is said, the more the general public believes it to be accurate, especially since most will not do their own research and formulate their own opinions.

The secondary question was, "In 2019, what percentage of people killed by police were Black?" Once again, participants estimated were way off the mark. Most guessed that the number was around 50 percent. In reality, the number is only 25 percent for 2019.

Celebrity and Media Rhetoric

While all deaths at the hands of officers deserve to be investigated to ensure proper procedures and policies are followed, the constant negative comments from those with national platforms skew the situation's reality.

While many of the deaths in 2020, especially George Floyds, brought light to training issues within departments, they really are the exception, not the rule.

As a whole, police officers are there to protect citizens from harm not single out specific races.

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29 comments on “The Numbers On Police Brutality Against Black People Are In And The Results May Surprise You”

  1. Per populations around the country , blacks commit more crimes , blacks commit more black on black crimes and blacks FIGHT with police more often . Then it's no wonder why MORE blacks are in prison than other races . Then you have the degenerates from black TRASH matters , but they don't go to prison because they're protected by the democrats !!!

    1. Bob,
      AGREED! Here in communist-run N.Y. there is a Prison about 5 miles from me, and a guard that I am good friends with informed me that 95% of the population are all Blacks, there are a few Hispanics and some Whites, but the majority of the inmates are all Blacks and most come from N.Y. city., Rochester and Buffalo. They ship them up here (North)
      He also told me the Blacks are the most miserable, mean, worthless, SOB's you could possibly imagine. The beat the hell out of the other Black prisoners for "fun". (as well as the "guards")

      1. I lived in Webster,near Rochester before Vietnam,we were scared to go into the city back in the '60s. Chaos brewing downtown then, heck it was safer in nam
        after mlk was assassinated. Semper Fi Rochester USMC

    2. Great article!! Shame all race police killings percentages wasn’t included. If media/liberal politicians stopped preaching hatred and lies America would recover. If not, the only outcome will be further violence. Sad state of affairs!!

  2. These attitudes and rampant misinformation are a direct and expected result of the massive amount of fake news expressed by the mass media of the USA. Until they are held responsible for their lies, these incorrect beliefs will continue. If you lie often enough many will believe it. The public that refuses to cross check their information will continue to have beliefs that simply wrong. And they will get the government they deserve.

  3. Stop teaching the kids they are victims they are not. Black people have the same right to education, jobs, family life as I have. News media wants then to think they can't but look around many have and so can all of them. Education has destroyed our black families therefore teaching they are victims where they are not any.

  4. Funny how the DEMONRATS NEVER give facts !!!
    Blacks equal 13%of population, yet equal 73% of all violent crimes !!!!! And the majority of those are BLACK ON BLACK, yet they only speak about the very low % of white cops killing unarmed black men !!!!!! BLM should be RLM !!

    1. What saddens me ,is have so much divisiveness and it all has to do with," not loving your brother as you love yourself. " Try Jesus and see how he loved you and died for your SINS. Remember, psalm 139, Jesus is EVERYWHERE all the time,24/7 watching and listening to see if you will obey Him.

    1. Oh! Your name put a lump in my throat. My youngest brother was Jerry Smith and died at 56 from a 6 year long sickness. He was such a beautiful person.

  5. In other words, the liberal lies have caused the riots, murders, and assaults!!! The ANTIFA and BLM terrorist groups need to be arrested for all they have done over the last year!!! Have them taken to conservative states so that they WILL be prosecuted!!!

  6. The media always over states things. The less you watch the news the better. Use common sense when listening to things. Fox News has some good people on there. Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine, Mark Levin, Leo 2.0, Laura Ingram. Do your own research. Most police are overworked and underpaid. Yet the minute something bad happens, the police get blamed without looking at evidence or lack of evidence. If the police are guilty so be it. Again, get the facts. Just because a Police Officer is black and the suspect is white, doesn’t make it a racist arrest.

  7. If the idots when comply when an office ask them to do something,they wouldn't be a problem. Instead they run there mouth disrespectful and they always want to reach in their pants or even reach for things in their car. Shout up do what they ask and there would be No Problems. After all they have to go home to there family's at the end of the day. I've seen the way they act when they get stpped, screaming, waving hands all over the place,bottom line I blame the blacks for resisting arrest,so you don't what to get shot, do what white people do comply with officers and you'll have no problems. Idots!

    1. ,"lf,sorry. I agree, you are asking for it if you act belligerent, the cop is not going to get killed or anyone else if protocols are met in a civilized manner.

    1. Of course, "27 die and the whole world changes" because the lamestream media propaganda machine intentionally magnifies the 27 x 150%, more or less, so that is what the less intelligent, easily led choose to believe. Just as the MSM has magnified China-flu deaths by 1600 % (yes, sixteen-hundred percent) and have managed to keep the majority of sheeple petrified and obedient. If only more people would take the time and initiative to "research the truth", it would be so refreshing - -remember that old saying, "The truth will set you free"!!

  8. It's the training, stupid 😑
    First they need training on shooting at extremities. (Arms legs, etc, under stress. When I see these videos I crinch because its' bang - bang - bang - bang, etc. No control, no aiming, lots of fear. You never hear double tapped controlled shots.
    This lack of shooting discipline is the root of the problem.
    This was demonstrated in Minneapolis last year when the evidentiary hearing had not been started when the idiot s in charge paid the people in the guy's family millions of dollars.. Where's the facts?
    Oh wait these are the same people that elected an A-rab as a Congressman and she is a criminal in her own.right. I can almost guarantee she will be reelected

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