Off Duty Officer Stops Armed Robber

Criminals aren't usually known for being the smartest people around. This is especially true with armed robbers, who put everyone in an incredible amount of danger for such a small "reward".

In this case, the suspect's just reward came in the form of a bullet from an off-duty Police sergeant... the fact of the matter is simple. You forfeit your right to live when you put other people in mortal danger as this robbery suspect did.

This officer involved shooting occurred in San Pablo California while the off-duty Police Sergeant was just enjoying a burger on his day off. The armed robber, now identified as 29-year old Amanuel Moreno, entered the establishment and proceeded to rob the place.

Just as the suspect pulls his gun and orders the clerk to hand over the money, the off duty shouted a warning for Moreno to drop his weapon. Moreno refused to comply so the officer fired a single fatal round, killing the suspect.

This is a pretty clear cut case but you never know what the anti-police crowd will do with it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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