Off Duty Officer Stops Armed Robber

 December 15, 2021

Criminals aren't usually known for being the smartest people around. This is especially true with armed robbers, who put everyone in an incredible amount of danger for such a small "reward".

In this case, the suspect's just reward came in the form of a bullet from an off-duty Police sergeant... the fact of the matter is simple. You forfeit your right to live when you put other people in mortal danger as this robbery suspect did.

This officer involved shooting occurred in San Pablo California while the off-duty Police Sergeant was just enjoying a burger on his day off. The armed robber, now identified as 29-year old Amanuel Moreno, entered the establishment and proceeded to rob the place.

Just as the suspect pulls his gun and orders the clerk to hand over the money, the off duty shouted a warning for Moreno to drop his weapon. Moreno refused to comply so the officer fired a single fatal round, killing the suspect.

This is a pretty clear cut case but you never know what the anti-police crowd will do with it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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51 comments on “Off Duty Officer Stops Armed Robber”

  1. I think the case open and closed if suspect would have complyed with officers command he would still be alive

  2. It is time to stop the games and step on these demorat thiefs Hard and then may be the rest will get the point !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If we had more police officers doing this our crime rate would go down! this is what police do protect people!!im happy there was an officer there to stop the robbery!!!

  4. Maybe do the same at the malls when the smash and grab Gangs show up might stop the lawlessness in our country but then again our Democratic government is promoting this kind of Tierney

    1. If only security were allowed to take action when shoplifting is happening in one of the stores. The security at a mall is NOT allowed to do anything to stop thieves! Their hand are tied by the mall they work for. How crazy is that?

    2. The problem. there is malls stopped hiring groups of cops at malls. Same with schools, damn school boards took the money away . THE resource officers were a good aliason to spot the trouble makers before things got way out of hand. Thus, school shootings are back. Reenact school resource officers!! Good deterrent.

  5. Thank God it was the criminal that died and not the officer or an innocent citizen! One less loser to feed, clothe and house in jail.

  6. Oh boy! God help that policeman!! the crazies will come out o the woodwork and want him hung in the village square!!

  7. Hurray for the cop. If I had been there, I would have praised him as the hero he is. Don't worry about the anti-police morons. They're always looking for something to gripe a out. They need to shut up and get a job.


    1. Should, but this is California, land of the liberal snowflakes. Most likely get demoted, if not fired. Here are the liberals replying, "How dare he go into an eating establishment with a gun". Sane and responsible people, "Hey liberal idiots this is exactly why".

  9. thank God there are still peace/police officers willing to protect us....i wish with all my heart that all police interventions have a good ending.

  10. If a robber who is committing a robbery, and doesn't give up when a off duty police officer tells him to stop . While officers displaying a gun. The innocent people.
    wouldn't have had chance with this guy!!

    I am darn sure the robber would have shot a few more people, while committing this crime. We are very lucky to have had police officer there. As alot more people, would have been missing their loved ones at Christmas time.. Robbers beware people have had enough of your robberies!! TIDE is turning back to law and order!

  11. The off-duty cop should get a promotion and pay raise. He risked his life twice over because he performed his mission during his off time. Thank you Officer!

  12. There seem to be no repercussions in the courts anymore, so maybe if there were more on-the-scene consequences like this, Maybe criminals would think twice about pulling a stunt like this.Maybe.

    1. Actually, criminals are too stupid to think that way. Many decades ago I interviewed a burglar who was emphatic that he was innocent. So I asked, "Did you enter the home without permission?" Answer: Yes. Question: "Did you remove anything of value out of that home without permission?" Answer: I didn't need permission because the side door wasn't locked. Question: "You just admitted to burglary.: Answer: it wasn't burglary...the door wasn't locked, so I'm innocent. This idiot actually believed that the police were persecuting him for no legal reason because the side door was unlocked! Many more similar questions were answered in the same manner. When God was handing out brains, this guy wasn't in line

  13. Cheap justice bullet what maybe 1.25 court trial housing feeding cost 15 thousand? burn body state paid burial of old shoe box cost maybe 5 thousand or more problem fixed.

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