Officer Risks His Life To Save Boy From Frozen Pond

 January 24, 2024

In a heart-stopping incident in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a young boy's life was saved from the icy grip of a frozen pond by the quick actions of local law enforcement.

Officer Troy Ellison of the Jonesboro Police Department emerged as a hero in this dramatic rescue.T

The incident began on a cold Sunday morning. A distress call alerted the Jonesboro Police Department to a dire situation: a boy had fallen into a frozen pond. Officer Troy Ellison, without hesitation, rushed to the scene to execute a rescue mission that would test his resolve and courage.

Chilling Footage Reveals Rescue's Intensity

Body cam footage released by the police department captures the tense moments of the rescue. It shows Officer Ellison, undeterred by the hazardous conditions, racing through the snow towards the perilous pond.

As the video reveals, Ellison's approach was methodical yet swift. He hurdled over a fence to reach the pond, where two anxious women looked on. The ice, though perilous, was the only barrier between the officer and the young boy clinging desperately to life.

The footage is a stark reminder of the dangers that first responders face. It shows Officer Ellison, carefully yet urgently, making his way across the treacherous ice to reach the frightened child.

Officer's Calm Approach Eases Tense Situation

Amidst the crisis, Officer Ellison's calming presence was evident. The body cam recorded his reassuring words to the distressed child, "Alright bud… I gotcha, I gotcha."

With the boy in visible distress, clinging to the frozen edges of the pond, Ellison's approach was a blend of caution and compassion. He can be seen going down on his hands and knees, a tactic to distribute his weight on the fragile ice, all the while continuously reassuring the boy.

The officer's repeated assurances, "I gotcha, I gotcha," not only comforted the boy but also underscored the empathetic nature of first responders in such life-threatening situations.

Teamwork Leads to Successful Rescue

Seconds later, the situation saw a collaborative effort for the rescue. Another police officer, alongside members of the Jonesboro Fire Department, arrived promptly at the scene.

They provided crucial support, throwing a rope to Ellison. This quick-thinking move was instrumental in the rescue operation. Together, they endeavored to pull the young boy to safety, a task fraught with danger but imperative to save a life.

The collaborative effort underlines the importance of teamwork in emergency responses. It was a testament to the coordinated efforts of the Jonesboro Police and Fire Departments in saving lives.

A Child's Life Saved Against the Odds

Ultimately, their efforts bore fruit. The body cam footage shows the moment the child, dressed in a red hoodie, jeans, and sneakers, was pulled to safety. This tense moment, captured on video, highlights the perilous nature of the situation and the bravery of the rescuers.

Following the rescue, the child was immediately taken to a local hospital. The prompt medical attention was crucial to assess any potential injuries due to the cold exposure.

The Jonesboro Police Department, in a social media post, lauded their officers for the heroic act. Their message, filled with pride and relief, read, "’ Great Job’ goes to our officers who responded to the call."

Reminder of the Dangers of Ice

In the aftermath of the rescue, the Jonesboro Police Department issued an important reminder. They emphasized the dangers of playing on ice, a message especially pertinent during the winter months.

The department's cautionary advice serves as a critical warning. It underscores the potential risks associated with icy surfaces, regardless of how cold the temperatures may get.

This incident, fortunately, had a happy ending, a fact the police department did not fail to acknowledge. Their statement, "Luckily, this call had a very happy ending," reflects relief and the inherent dangers of such situations.

  • A boy falls through the ice on a pond in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
  • Officer Troy Ellison responds swiftly, racing to the scene for the rescue.
  • The dramatic rescue is captured on Ellison's body cam, showing his approach over the fence and onto the ice.
  • Ellison reassures the distressed boy while carefully making his way to him.
  • With the help of another officer and the fire department, the boy is safely pulled out.
  • The child receives medical attention after being rescued from the freezing waters.
  • The Jonesboro Police Department praises its officers and reminds the public of the dangers of ice.

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