Westchester Cop Hailed A Hero After Administering Life-Saving CPR On Baby

 January 20, 2024

In the dark, early hours of a Thursday morning in Mount Kisco, NY, a dramatic and life-saving event unfolded, showcasing the bravery and skill of our local first responders.

A Westchester County police officer is being hailed as a hero for reviving a 1-year-old baby who had stopped breathing.

The incident began with a frantic 911 call to the county police around 2 a.m., reporting a non-responsive and breathless infant at a local residence. Responding swiftly to this critical situation, Officer Stephen Samuel arrived on the scene, ready to confront a parent's worst nightmare.

Officer Samuel's Immediate Action to Save the Baby

Upon arrival, Officer Samuel found himself in a scene of palpable distress. He took the unresponsive infant from the relatives, who were in a state of panic, and immediately began life-saving CPR.

Realizing the urgency of the situation, he also turned the baby over and administered several back blows. This quick thinking was aimed at dislodging any potential blockage in the baby's airway, a crucial step in such emergencies.

Despite the officer's relentless efforts, the child initially remained unresponsive. However, Officer Samuel continued his life-saving attempts without faltering, a testament to his dedication and training.

Collaborative Efforts Lead to Success

As Officer Samuel worked tirelessly, the situation took a hopeful turn. The infant, after a short while, took a breath and emitted a faint cry, signaling a critical improvement, Patch reported.

Officer Samuel maintained his composure, holding the child face down in a recovery position. Meanwhile, Officer Emanuel Anjo joined the effort, checking the baby's mouth for any obstructions and clearing excess mucus to aid her breathing.

This team effort between the officers was pivotal in stabilizing the situation until further medical help arrived. Their quick response and coordinated actions played a crucial role in the baby's survival.

Paramedics Arrive and the Situation Stabilizes

Soon after, Westchester EMS paramedics and members of the Mount Kisco Volunteer Ambulance Corps arrived at the scene. They took over from the officers, providing advanced medical care and preparing to transport the baby to Northern Westchester Hospital Center.

The transfer to the hospital was crucial, as it provided the infant with the necessary medical attention and monitoring after the initial emergency response.

This transition from on-site emergency care to hospital treatment highlights the seamless collaboration between various first responder units in our community.

Officers Follow Up at the Hospital

Later that morning, around 4:30 a.m., Officers Samuel and Anjo, demonstrating their commitment and concern, stopped by the hospital. They sought updates on the baby's condition, speaking with both family members and hospital staff.

The officers were relieved to learn that the little girl was doing well and would be discharged later that day. This follow-up visit underscores the personal investment and care our first responders have for the individuals they help save.

This visit not only provided closure for the officers but also offered much-needed reassurance and support to the family during a traumatic time.

Commendation from the Police Commissioner

Commissioner Terrance Raynor, in a statement, praised the officers for their heroic actions. He highlighted how crucial their training and quick response were in saving the child's life.

"When every second counted, it is gratifying to know that this child and her family could count on the Westchester County Police," said Commissioner Raynor. "Our officers are trained to provide emergency aid, and this is the outcome we always hope to see. I commend these two officers for the skillful and decisive actions they took to save this child’s life."

The Commissioner's words not only recognize the officers' bravery but also emphasize the critical role of emergency response training in saving lives.

The Community's Pride in Their First Responders

The incident in Mount Kisco serves as a powerful reminder of the bravery and skill of our first responders. It is a testament to the vital role they play in our community, often being the difference between life and death.

Officer Samuel's quick action, Officer Anjo's support, and the seamless transition to paramedic care illustrate the collaborative spirit and dedication of our emergency services.

This story of quick thinking, teamwork, and unwavering dedication fills our community with immense pride and gratitude toward our first responders.

  • A Westchester County police officer heroically saved a 1-year-old baby.
  • The baby was non-responsive and not breathing when the officer arrived.
  • Officer Samuel performed CPR and cleared the baby's airway.
  • Officer Anjo assisted by clearing excess mucus from the baby's mouth.
  • Paramedics took the child to the hospital, where she recovered.
  • Officers visited the hospital later, confirming the baby's improved condition.
  • Police Commissioner Raynor commended the officers for their lifesaving actions.

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