Pentagon Confirms Cube Sphere UFO Drone Could Have Been Chinese

 January 24, 2024

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the Pentagon's recently retired UFO chief, has made a striking revelation about a series of mysterious UFO sightings by the US Navy.

In a turn of events, these unidentified flying objects, once a source of widespread speculation, have been identified as advanced drone prototypes.

The Navy's puzzling 'cube in a sphere' UFO sightings, reported between 2014 and 2015 near the Atlantic coast, have long been a subject of intrigue. Fighter pilots described near-collisions with these enigmatic objects, including an incident that almost damaged a F/A-18 Super Hornet accompanying the USS Roosevelt.

Dr. Kirkpatrick's Insight on UFOs

Dr. Kirkpatrick, with a rich background in laser physics and government service, including roles at the CIA and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), approached these sightings with a scientific lens. He concluded that the UFOs were likely 'next generation' drones featuring spherical designs capable of precise movements.

Interestingly, these descriptions align closely with a drone prototype unveiled by Chinese researchers in 2022. This prototype, a silver orb with eight thrusters arranged on an internal cube, demonstrated extraordinary agility in the air.

The revelation underscores the importance of taking UFO sightings seriously, as they could represent advanced technologies from foreign adversaries rather than being dismissed or ridiculed.

Linking Global Drone Developments

Dr. Kirkpatrick's analysis was further supported by his reference to drone research by academics in Singapore, as well as a similar drone design by Swiss-based Flyability. These developments suggest a broader trend in drone technology, focusing on spherical designs for reasons of collision safety and enhanced maneuverability.

This technology is not limited to military applications, with the Singapore University of Technology and Design and Flyability citing non-espionage purposes for their designs.

However, the potential for such drones to be used in espionage cannot be discounted, highlighting the need for vigilant monitoring of aerial anomalies.

Dr. Kirkpatrick's Contributions and Controversies

Dr. Kirkpatrick's tenure as head of the Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) was marked by significant contributions. Under his leadership, the AARO logged about 800 cases of flying 'metallic orb' UFOs, providing valuable data on aerial anomalies.

His approach, however, was not without detractors. Kirkpatrick's focus on terrestrial explanations for UFO sightings, as well as public disagreements with UFO whistleblower David Grusch, generated controversy within the UFO research community.

Kirkpatrick's stance, emphasizing counter-intelligence and defense, aimed to minimize technical and intelligence surprises, in line with AARO's mission. This approach, though pragmatic, sometimes clashed with more extraterrestrial-focused theories.

UFOs: A National Security Concern

Dr. Kirkpatrick's insights reflect a growing awareness of the national security implications of UFO sightings. He warned of the potential risks posed by ignoring or misunderstanding such sightings, suggesting foreign entities could exploit them to infiltrate U.S. airspace undetected.

In an interview, Dr. Kirkpatrick articulated the gravity of this issue, stating, "That gap could potentially be exploited by somebody, put a platform in [the] continental United States that nobody knew was there."

His comments reveal the importance of a robust and open approach to investigating UFOs to understand the phenomena and safeguard national security.

The Future of UFO Research and Surveillance

Looking ahead, the UFO research and surveillance field is poised for significant developments. With the Pentagon's upcoming 'Historical Record Report' on UFOs, due in June 2024, there is an expectation of more revelations and understanding of aerial anomalies.

Dr. Kirkpatrick's experience and insights have paved the way for a more nuanced understanding of UFOs, moving beyond the extraterrestrial narrative toward a focus on technological advancements and national security.

As the scientific community and defense agencies continue to collaborate, the mysteries of the skies may become less about alien encounters and more about understanding the rapid advancements in drone technology and aerial surveillance capabilities.

  • Former Pentagon UFO chief Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick identified Navy's 'cube in a sphere' UFOs as advanced drone prototypes.
  • The drones are believed to resemble a high-tech prototype developed by Chinese researchers and academics in Singapore.
  • These revelations emphasize the importance of taking UFO sightings seriously as potential foreign advanced technologies.
  • Dr. Kirkpatrick's tenure at AARO focused on terrestrial explanations for UFO sightings, sparking some controversy.
  • The national security implications of UFO sightings are increasingly recognized, highlighting the need for vigilant surveillance.

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