Police Academy Trainees Walking Through City Trigger Anti-Cop Outrage

 October 23, 2022

Only in a liberal city such as Hartford, Connecticut, could an exercise where police academy trainees are sent out into the community to learn about the city and the services it provides be considered controversial.

But this is 2023 and leftists in the city wasted no time trying to make the exercise into something it was not.

The Hartford Courant reported that a Twitter video posted by the Hartford Police Department showing 36 police recruits walking two-by-two along Park Street in the city’s south end has “drawn a furious backlash.”:

The trainees, wearing khakis with dark jackets were accompanied by several Hartford police officers, assumably their trainers. Nonetheless, the snowflakes on Twitter were...

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6 comments on “Police Academy Trainees Walking Through City Trigger Anti-Cop Outrage”

  1. The woke idiots are just losers and life will pass them by. Pathetic pieces of humanity. I heartly agree with Denise.

  2. This is a group of small, mined people who not like the police. When they need them maybe they won't show up and then where will they be

  3. Well first there was : GO WOKE , GO BROKE (for idiot Businesses) Now let's have for these Woke idiots:: GO FOR WOKE, HAVE A STROKE!

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