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8 comments on “WATCH: Police Officer Delivers Baby In Parking Lot”

  1. All's well that ends well.
    Congratulations to the happy parents and thank you to the policeman who delivered this baby safely.

  2. Good job my Brother! With all the crime and hate going on in this world and the fact that it is us that have to deal with it daily, it is such a pleasure to bring a new life into the world to hopefully be someone who will really add to our nation. Who knows, he could grow up to be anything he wants to, including President! I have had the pleasure of being the Officer who had to deliver two children while in San Diego, One was unfortunately from a druggie prostitute who if he lived would have to go through withdrawals etc. but the other one was by the wife of a Navy man who I believe will grow up to make something of his life. Maybe he followed his Dad's footsteps and served in the Navy himself. He is middle aged now as this was 39 years ago?

  3. That was a beautiful birth. The mother, father, and Police were in coordination. It was good to see happiness and shared tasking between the races. Hate and racism had no place in this beautiful event. God helped the parents because they are good people. He knows.

  4. Thank you for sending out a happy ending story. However, I might have read it without a misleading “bait” title regardless.
    Police are a public service to ALL of US in many ways more than patrolling, answering calls, traffic violations and arresting criminals. They are a community service in a lengthy list of ways and trained as well. Imagine if their training didn’t extend into this acute category and responding with no time to prepare. As for those on any end of these situations wanting to defund our Police, think about this. Maybe don’t make that call for their brave unilateral services and save their lives until you change your way of thinking. Let them go home to their families. Sure there’s some dirty ones, but they don’t represent them as a whole and when they get caught, as they do, they’re punished much harsher than of one who never served in law enforcement. They’re paid to enforce laws. They don’t make them. So if you get pulled over, respect the system. A license is a privilege that can be taken away, not a right. Much like a cashier doesn’t make the prices or taxes. Just doing their job. Collecting payment for purchases. Kudos to those sucking up for their jobs in this world of today! Please don’t fall for being set up to turn on each other. I see this dirty plan working all too well. What unity?!?
    Segregation all over again in different words.
    Sorry, a little “off topic” by expansion. Just had to go off a bit. Thank you.

  5. Awesome job by mom and the deputy !!!!! Now dad has a great story to tell his son !!! Seems like the siblings also got to witness an amazing event too !!!! Congratulations to all involved !!!!

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