Police Officer To Adopt 5 Children He Met While Investigating Their Father's Homicide

A North Las Vegas Police Officer and his wife are turning an unbelievable tragedy into a heartwarming story. Don't let the anti-police activists fool you, the men and women in blue truly are among the best of us.

It all started when Officer Nicholas Quintana responded to a homicide. A father had been shot and he overheard the man's 6-year old daughter saying ‘No, but I love daddy.’ Understandably, this heartbreaking statement stirred Quintana deeply.

Quintana and his wife, who have been trying to have children of their own for years, decided that they would take in the 5 children as their own:

“I looked at the kids and I say the whole reason why we are here is not just because we want to check up on you but because my wife and I would like to receive you guys into our home and take you out of the system.”

First Responder's deal with so much negativity in their lives, but this story shows the other side of these brave men and women.

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