Police Officer Saves Woman From Fatal Stabbing

By Ethan Cole on
 September 15, 2020

Everyday officers put their lives on the line for people they don't even know. Without question, they run to the aid of those in harms way and face the darkest aspects of human nature. Unfortunately, domestic violence calls can be some of the most heart wrenching and unpredictable situations imaginable.

At about 9 pm on September 6th, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada a call was made to 911. The call was made by a psychiatrist, believing a patient of his was a danger to his own wife.

Shortly after this first call another came in. This time it was from the patient's wife saying her husband had stabbed himself. The wife took the knife away but he went for another one. During the 911 call, she could be heard screaming for help. Sometime before officers arrived, the man had stabbed his wife multiple times.

When an officer arrived on the scene the front door was open but a security screen was locked. The officer could see the suspect with an upraised knife in and a woman begging for help. He directed the suspect to drop his weapon several times. When the man would not comply, the officer shot a single shot through the security screen door. Right before the officer shot, the suspect yelled "Shoot me":


If not for the quick action of the officer, the outcome to the suspect's wife and a juvenile within the house could have been tragic. As it was, she had to be transported to the hospital with multiple stab wounds. It is unknown at this time what happened to the juvenile.

It's hard to imagine what the outcome if there had been no police officers to answer the call. Fortunately, our men and women in blue stand to serve and protect!


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