Police Officers Commended For Assisting Family In Need

 September 17, 2020

Every day, Police Officers go above and beyond the call of duty in service to their communities. Unfortunately, these selfless acts are rarely publicized.

Recently, in Newburyport Massachusetts, a medical emergency 911 call was made involving an infant. When Officers Falite and Vorderis arrived on scene they found a very different situation than expected.

Fortunately, instead of an infant in critical medical condition, they found a car stranded in the center median. The driver, a pregnant mother with four other children, was traveling from Maine to New Jersey to visit family. They had run out of gas and had no money to buy more.

After making sure the children were all ok, the two police officers went one step further. They filled the vehicles gas tank and provided food for the woman and her children, all with their own money.

"A police officer's job description can change dramatically from one day, or even one call, to the next," City Marshal Mark Murray said in a statement. "In this instance, these officers encountered someone who simply needed a helping hand, and I'm proud of Officer Vorderis and Officer Falite for stepping up to provide this family with some much needed support."


After this touching act of kindness, the police officers provided the family with resource information for additional help in case they needed it.

We are proud to support our brethren in blue, especially when they play such a huge role in our communities. Stories like this show the true nature of the men and women in law enforcement!


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