Psycho With an Axe Ignores Cops Until Police K9 gets Involved

By Ethan Cole on
 December 23, 2023

Some people ignore Law Enforcement commands, but all bets are off when the Police K9 is unleashed.

In this case, San Diego Police responded to a call of a male holding an ax and a large knife along University Ave.

When officers arrived, they encountered the male and gave him several commands to drop the weapons in his hands. Police attempted to talk down the male but it appeared that the male suffered from a mental illness.

After several minutes of negotiating, Officers attempted to take the male in custody by using non-lethal bean bag rounds, pepper spray. Also deploying a taser and a K-9 dog. The male was finally taken into custody and was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. There were no injuries reported to any officers.


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47 comments on “Psycho With an Axe Ignores Cops Until Police K9 gets Involved”

    1. I think mental illness is used way too often as an excuse for the criminal activities. Some people are just plain mean and evil!

      1. Some are and some aren't. Its shocking how many mental people are on the streets due to drugs and alchol abuse. So sad. We use to have more mental facilities but during Regan Admin a lot of mental institutions were closed to cut taxes.

        1. The bill that lead to the closing of mental facilities came into effect at the start of the Regan administration. But it was written an passed during the Brown administration.

        2. That’s a worn out excuse. It’s been years since Regan was in office. Why haven’t mental facilities been built?

    2. No doubt. I guess they need a psychiatrist to ride along. Not. You or I or anyone goes out in public or not and starts thier shit. Well. Things happen. I ve manage to not get shot by police. I comply. No issues. Doesn't mean I did not get pissed about something.

      1. Some don't want you to comply. They say it violates your rights. I say it helps you to get the issue taken care of and be on your way. It does not hurt anything to comply but can do a lot of harm if you do not. GIVE THE OFFICERS A BRAK THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO HELP???

    3. I agree why waste time,man power,medical, lawyers,. Courts. Shoot them put them out of our misery,serve zero purpose too society.. remember compassion kills. We have butchers sitting in capitol punishment cells. WHY? EXECUTE,WUIT FEEDING THEM AND THE LAWYERS, WHICH ATE THE SCOURGE OF THE EARTH.

      1. Yeah, no mother should have to worry about her kid getting killed when he goes out to rob a store or someone at gun point!!!! (Yes, that's sarcasm)

  1. I guess that wiped the hateful smirk off his face! And don't say mental illness to me -- that card is way over played!!!

    1. you have a degree in what? There are many forms of mental illness retired nurse. just saying

      1. I worked for several years with and among people with various mental illnesses and disorders, Mz Fournier -- have you?? And have a great deal of empathy for them. So I speak from a perspective of a pretty wide range of knowledge and I also studied psychology and sociology. How about you?? So I stand by the statement you take issue with. 😉

  2. Why couldn’t they just wound him in the arm? He’d drop the axe and cease to be a threat!
    I could do without all the “f” words. Not necessary AT ALL! No class whatsoever!

    1. It's nearly impossible to shoot someone in the extremities on purpose. Not to mention, you can die just as easily if an artery is torn in the extremities as in a center of mass shot.

    2. You obviously no nothing about hitting A main artery ! The F word , big deal! If you think you would be a cop and not use the f word , go be one !

  3. They should have cut the mics and told him, hurry up and cut your throat so we can clean up the mess and get back to work. If they're not going to rebuild nut houses for them, then they shouldn't have a problem with taking them out of the breathing population, IMO.

  4. I love all of the background noisefrom people that think they know how to handle this situation!

  5. Great job officers. You had the area sectioned off properly and the only harm would be the person cutting himself. Dogs are great animals. Hope that guy isn't released soon, has problems,

  6. The idiot heard the K9 Officer barking and had to know he was coming. Just further proof of the low IQ of criminals.

  7. Thanks to the dog and his trainer/handler for the safety of all...I HIGHLY object however, to the language of the police with al their "f-ing" language - THAT is NOT necessary at any time and it is offensive to almost all women!!!! Our officers need to use more appropriate language for escalating situations

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