Robber Attacks Woman, Gets Taken Down By Victims Daughter

Sometimes, bad guys just pick the wrong victims. This was certainly the case with Masina Tupea, who is a nationally ranked weightlifter from Hawaii.

The incident occurred while Tupea and her family were vacationing in New Orleans, LA. While strolling through the Big Easy, career criminal Augustus Taylor attacked. Taylor punched Masina's mother and snatched her purse before taking off running.

Not anticipating that anyone would give chase, Taylor was shocked when Masina came after him. Masina easily caught up to the criminal but he wasn't going down without a fight and threw the first punch. Masina fought through the blow and took the would-be-robber down.

Taylor begged for Masina to let him go, but she held him down until police arrived and made an arrest.

“’How dare you?’ I’m yelling in the street,” Tupea said. “You messed with the wrong family. You messed with the wrong family.”


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