Corrections Officer Reeshemah Taylor Displays Extraordinary Heroism In The Face Of Imminent Death

By Ethan Cole on
 May 13, 2021

Correction Officers are not immune to dangerous situations. In 2009, Officer Reeshemah Taylor was working the Medical Unit of the Osceola County Jail.

As she was working, she came across an inmate who had taken another officer hostage and was now wearing that officers uniform.

The inmate took Taylor at gunpoint into a room with the other officer. The inmate held a 9mm semi-automatic gun to her head.

Violent Felon

The violent history for this felon was long. The inmate was serving three consecutive life sentences with zero possibility of parole, and was pending trial for an armed robbery.

The inmate was also a well-known gang member, a part of the "Los 27" and La Nieta" gangs, who were based in Puerto Rico. They were infamous for their violent behavior toward law enforcement.

The inmate's plan was to leave the jail dressed as a corrections officer in hopes no one would notice. The inmate would use the gun if anyone tried to stop him as he did not want to stay in prison.

Keeping Him Down

Taylor attempted to take the weapon from him and ended up in a struggle. He pointed it at her and she grabbed it with both hands and hit him with the groin with her knee.

He fell to the ground and dropped the weapon. She continued to fight to keep him down and from retrieving the gun.

Her effort kept the inmate down and the inmate did not escape. She saved many lives that day through her determination and training.

Taylor was awarded the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor.

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19 comments on “Corrections Officer Reeshemah Taylor Displays Extraordinary Heroism In The Face Of Imminent Death”

  1. Great job by committed American! Glad to hear that she was unharmed! Sorry to hear that perp was not killed! Total waste of taxpayer money when $.35 would have solved his problem for good!

  2. The fight for LIFE ! She was lucky to get her hands on the pistol and avoid getting shot ! A knee to the nuts will pretty much stop any man ( providing it was a direct hit in the right spot ) ??? l o l She saved two lives that day ! Well done Ms./Mrs. Taylor ! I am so happy it ended up in your favor !!! Thank you for your service !!!

  3. Good For officer Taylor but in my opinion she should have put that inmate down for keeps.

  4. Slow news day? Apparently, this happened over 10 YEARS ago? Why didn't the beloved by (almost) all, Barrack Hussien Obama take time off from work, or the golf course, or flying somewhere to get away from whatever, and make the award back THEN? Oh, wait, I remember... Barry hated cops, so, even though this CO is black, he couldn't lower himself to interact with her! Is that it? I don't mean to take anything away from her, especially not her courage, and even her willingness to DO this 100% sucky job, but I don't miss my CO uniform in the least...

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