Russia Moves More Troops Toward Ukraine Amid Rising Tensions

 January 19, 2022

It's no secret that Russia is seriously pushing the envelope when it comes to continued tension with Ukraine. In fact, the entire world seems to be waiting with baited breath to see what happens in the coming weeks.

The latest move from Moscow, moving large amounts of troops and warfighting assets from it's eastern border westward, is supposedly to conduct war games in Belarus. However, this bold movement has sparked concern that Russia is closer than ever to an all out invasion of Ukraine.

While Russia vehemently denies plans to invade Ukraine, actions speak louder than words. Not to mention the fact that Russia demands cessation of NATO presence in ex-Soviet states.

Whatever the outcome, there is little doubt that cold-war is in full swing. With Russia poised to strike Ukraine, China setting it's site on Taiwan, and North Korea itching for a fight, there a troubling times ahead.

What do you think, can the US Military handle a fight on three fronts? The good news is that we have a powerful military, which includes several carrier strike groups and fleets. Check out the 7th Fleet, one such fighting force stationed in Japan:

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35 comments on “Russia Moves More Troops Toward Ukraine Amid Rising Tensions”

  1. In the bible it says that there will be a final world war with peace following forever. I hope this isn’t what is starting now with a weak person in the White House.

    1. That is exactly why it is starting . Rootin' Tootin' Putin had to wait for a weak candyass like Joe to be running things before he started acting up .

  2. Democrat control of our government equals wars. Biden is so pathetic and weak our military is going to suffer until we are lead by a real President.

    1. Yep ! Both world wars and the smaller wars that this nation has been involved in the past century were started under Democrat leadership . Of course this could be the final war as we are now under the leadership of a dementia ridden imbicile who still thinks he's the toughest punk in the schoolyard . If he responds with his tough guy rhetoric fashion , may be in the end of days .
      The Bible says that Armageddon will begin in the east and the aftermath would be the destruction of the world by fire .

      1. Maybe if we could discern what the "WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL FINANCIERS are betting on we would have a real god idea - "FOLLOW THE MONEY".

    2. I believe history proves you are right. I recall President Eisenhower sent "advisors" who were non combatents to South Viet Nam. It took Kennedy and Johnson to get us fully involved however. Nixon got us out. I seem to remember hearing that when we withdrew that we left the NVA the third best equipped conventional warfare military in the world. We also left the Taliban a parting present in Afghanistan of $85 billion worth of equipment. Is there a pattern here?

    1. They are too worried about who their same sex abilities, transgendered, and praying to Satan now instead of protecting this country. They could care less about our brave men and women that got mamed, tortured mentally and physically, or lost their life so these bozos can worry about what's between their legs or supporting mentally unstable people that can't figure out their sex. Yeah, we really want that on the front lines.

  3. Wars and rumors of wars per Gods word..It will come to pass.
    Matthew 24:6-13
    New International Version
    6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains.

  4. With sleepy hiden-biden as commander in chief at the WH anything is possible !!!!!!! He's such a weak opponent, WHY wouldn't our enemies walk all over us ??

  5. I am a Brain Injured Disabled Veteran. I worked in Critical Care in the Navy. People just need to have Faith. Remember what you have heard. You can be saved, and Jesus thought so too. In fact Jesus was willing to die on a cross so that you can have eternal happiness

    1. You think that the moment they see us launch that they won't launch retaliatory counter strikes ? That's why it's called MAD , Mutually Assured Destruction !

      1. Who,'S going to blink first? That's been predetermined, of course sleepy joe, he does not want a war started by the dumbo craps. His speech and Q&A told Putin to walk right in. But it is going to be costly and bloody for both sides. The dismiss with mechanics infantry and aircraft and cannons , rockes, ect, ECT will assure them victory, but they then have to deal with citizens and street fighting for years to come.

      2. Remember, while we are focusing on Mars, the Chinese are on the moon. What damage could they do from there?


    1. "Flesh falling from their bones" is from a "nuclear bomb". That is exactly what happens. It happened in Japan after the atomic bomb was released. The survivors had flesh hanging from their bones.

      1. You think they won't do the same to us ? At one time in Earth's history , the highest form of life was the cockroach . Looks like we are about to return them to dominance .

  7. Since the dems have been weakening our military I doubt we could fight on 3 fronts; but more importantly, our president is a weakling with the brains of the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz. You really think he is capable of leading our country in war times? He's not the commander in chief, he's the idiot in chief and we all know it. This is what happens when you go from a strong leader to a basement dweller.

    1. I think that what most serious, thinking individuals want is to find a solution that will deter Russia but not result in WWIII. But what is that solution? It certainly must be something that our European allies (I guess will still have some countries that we can call allies) will agree to do.

  8. Another opportunity for America's best to fight and die or come home with missing body parts. All for another "ally" whom we will equip and train only to watch it collapse and run when the US leaves the field of battle. Is there a benefit for the US in all of this? Russia needs the Ukraine if it is to recapture its former role as a world power. If we can prevent a Russian takeover we can prevent Russia from once again becoming a world power. Oh, and the American arms manufacturers will benefit greatly. When Biden hiked up his skirt and fled Afghanistan he left the Taliban an $85 Billion dollar present of everything from Planes and copters and vehicles, down to guns and ammo. Our arms manufacturers have long ago learned that it is much more profitable to equip both sides in a conflict than it is to only equip one side. I vote HELL NO! it's not worth a war with Russia just to keep Russia from regaining its status as a world power.

  9. Actually it's said in the bible that Rush or Russia will lead the way to Armageddon . The Arabian countries will follow them . Then the antichrist will have a one world order , one religion , and yes peace a con job . Anybody falling for that crap will swim in the lake of fire . Lier's are the devil's tool , and democrats have become that tool . Untrustworthy , unreliable , un-american .

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