Multi-State Serial Killer Finally Stopped

Serial killers are notoriously difficult to capture, especially if there are not any witnesses. Even more difficult is when a killer hops from state to state on a robbery/ shooting spree. Multiple jurisdictions and police departments can make capturing a suspect complicated.

Capture of A Killer

Suspected killer Keith Gibson robbed a Rite Aid in New Castle, Delaware. During the robbery, the cashier put a GPS tracker into the bag of cash that was handed to Gibson.

Because the cashier put the tracker into the bag, officers were able to find Gibson and arrest him. Gibson was then linked to multiple murders across multiple states.

Gibson is also suspected of shooting a teenager in Wilmington.

Caught on Video

Gibson is also suspected of shooting and killing a Dunkin Donuts manager. He took $300 from Dunkin Donuts and shot 41-year-old Christine Lugo, according to Philadelphia Police Department Chief Inspector Frank Vanore.

The shooting happened on June 5, a little before 5:30 am, while Lugo opened the store up for the day. According to the assistant manager, Lugo worked alone since the employee who was supposed to be with her called out the night prior.

According to officers, Lugo was unlocking the front doors, and a man grabbed her and pushed her into the restaurant with a gun. Surveillance video captured the whole ordeal.

Normally the store is open 24 hours, but it was closed overnight because of the employee call out. Lugo left behind two children.

Additional Crimes

After Gibson shot Lugo in the head, he went on to shoot a 19-year-old in Wilmington, Delaware. He then pistol-whipped the female Rite Aid employee who stuck the GPS tracker in the bag of cash she handed over to him.

He is suspected of multiple other crimes over the last couple of months. Detectives believe that Gibson killed his mom on February 8.

Gibson is also a suspect in a T-Mobile employee's murder in Elsmere, Delaware, on May 15. This isn't Gibson's first run-in with the law. In 2008, Gibson was convicted in Delaware of homicide and a commercial homicide.

Gibson spent time in prison for those crimes. Officers found a gun when they took Gibson into custody.

Quick Thinking

The quick thinking of the Rite Aid worker helped police officers arrest this man. Now he can be brought to justice for Lugo's murder and hopefully the other murders he is suspected of committing.

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