Security Guard Shot And Killed In Family Dollar Store

 February 25, 2024

On a usual Friday afternoon, the community on Chicago's West Side faced a harrowing event. A 43-year-old security guard, Loyce Wright, met a tragic end when he was fatally shot at a Family Dollar store he was safeguarding.

The incident transpired around 1:30 p.m., casting a dark shadow over the bustling afternoon. Loyce Wright, who devoted his days to ensuring the safety of patrons and staff at the Family Dollar store, was confronted with lethal violence. Armed with a rifle, an assailant inflicted multiple gunshot wounds on Wright. As the shots rang out, Jessie Brown, a fellow security guard and a friend of 20 years to Wright, rushed to the scene. The distress he found was unimaginable; his friend was lying on the ground, a victim of a senseless act. Brown's immediate reaction was to understand what had unfolded and to see to his friend.

Jessie Brown eloquently shared his emotions and the shock of the moment, "I was at work and I heard the gunshots next door, so I went next door to go see what happened and then I saw my friend, Loyce, on the ground. He was a good friend, he loved doing security, I loved doing security and it's just sad that this happened to him. All he was trying to do was work and take care of his family and now this," Brown recounted. The Chicago Police Department swiftly responded to the call for help but was met with the aftermath. Despite the rapid transport of Wright to Stroger Hospital, his injuries surmounted a battle he could not win.

Investigation in search of justice

Currently, the assailant is at large, leaving the community and the authorities in search of answers. This tragedy highlights the risks security guards face, underscoring their role as first responders who often confront dangers head-on. Loyce Wright's dedication to his profession was evident, as noted by his friend and colleague Jessie Brown. Yet, this dedication came at the ultimate cost, Fox News reported.

Amidst the investigation, Dollar Tree Inc., the parent company of Family Dollar, has remained silent on the incident. This has prompted discussions on the safety measures in place for employees and the necessary steps to prevent such tragedies in the future.

The loss of Loyce Wright is not just a statistic in reports but a stark reminder of the vulnerability of those on the front lines of public safety. The community reels from the shock, grappling with the gravity of the loss and the cruelty of the act.

Shouldering the weight of a friend's loss

The profession of security is more than a job; it is a commitment to protect, often placing oneself in harm's way. Jessie Brown and Loyce Wright shared more than a profession; they shared a bond forged in the line of duty—a bond that was tragically severed on an ordinary Friday afternoon.

As the police continue their investigation, the absence of a suspect in custody adds to the urgency and the demand for justice. The motive, seemingly tied to Wright's role as a protector, adds a layer of sorrow to the event.

The story of Loyce Wright is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by those who serve as our first line of defense. It's a narrative that demands attention, action, and respect, ensuring that such sacrifices are not in vain.


The tragic shooting of 43-year-old security guard Loyce Wright at a Family Dollar store on Chicago's West Side paints a somber picture of the dangers faced by first responders.

Occurring on a Friday afternoon, Wright's death underscores the risks taken by security personnel in their daily duties. Despite a swift response by the Chicago Police, the assailant remains at large, leaving a community in mourning and a friend in despair.

This incident not only calls for justice but also a reevaluation of the safety measures in place for those ensuring our security. Loyce Wright's story is more than a news headline; it's a call to action and remembrance for the sacrifices made in the line of duty.

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