South Carolina Police Officer Savagely Attacked While Off Duty

By Ethan Cole on
 December 22, 2021

It's no secret that law enforcement officers in America are hated by a significant number of people. However, there are still those of us who stand with them.

An example of this support took place recently in Spartanburg, South Carolina when a group of good Samaritans jumped in to rescue an officer who had been knocked unconscious by a knife wielding lunatic.

The officer, off duty at the time of the attack and serving as a security guard, was jumped out of nowhere by the assailant. The attacker slashed and punched the officer, knocking him unconscious.

Several employees and customers nearby leapt into action and were able to get the knife away from the attacker before he could do any more damage. The man fled the scene before the good Samaritans could subdue him.

After an investigation into the attack, it appears that the attacker planned to kill the officer to take his gun. He then planned to kill others and himself with the weapon. Fortunately, he was stopped.

Several of the bystanders who leapt to the officers aid are being awarded the Bill Barnet award for their heroics. We hope that this incident will inspire others to leap in and help out when they see an officer in trouble.

What would you do in this case? Be sure and let us know in the comments.

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31 comments on “South Carolina Police Officer Savagely Attacked While Off Duty”

  1. Thank GOD for good people like this. I would do everything that I could do to help our police officers at any time. GOD bless our POLICE and our MILITARY.

  2. I am 76 years old society was a better group of people than what we have today. They obeyed laws and left others alone but helped when needed, I think I saw two police officers in my city of 90,000, you had to call them if you needed one. I think all teenagers in their freshman year should spend a weekend in a jail cell to give them an idea what is coming to them if they "screw up". I also remember reform schools, boys stayed there working in the fields and school until they wised up. Society is at its worse. I hope this officer recovers and has a better year and the person who does this is put on an island someplace

    1. 76 Years ago, we had many different gangs, as usual, Chicago, N.Y., Mafia was everywhere and they ruled who could sell and who could not. They mostly collected by killing the debtor.

    2. Absolutely. Two more things. Reinstitute the draft now, for ALL able bodied citizens. And two, return SHOP to teach kids a trade.

  3. The good news is that there were other people to help the ambushed officer and prevent further damage to him!!

  4. This is where citizens with CCW permits come in. You have the right to defend yourself or others from harm. To bad another officer wasn't there, chances are the perp would have gone to the morgue instead of running away

      1. Really? Say that to the victims. You should really do some research about 'The ugly truth about the Democrat party's. If not on YouTube, search it on Brave or DuckDuckGo, you'll be shocked.

    1. i can definately say that what is giong on out there in todays world , if my life or a loved one is threatened by some weapon weilding creep , he will taken away in the coroners van . no questions asked ......

  5. What about the pigs?The ones that brutalize the citizens,we investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing.When they cripple or kill your son or family member you be singing different tune.Good cops salary raise bad pigs jail time,what’s wrong with that.

    1. What a piece of crap you are. They are NOT pigs, they are human beings. Whatever happened to teaching the kids respect for the law. Remember that? I've seen the way some of these people treat the police and wished I could smack them in the mouth. The kids now a days are rude, selfish brats. There is good & bad in every profession, but show respect and you will get treated with respect. Except the idiots in the White House now. They don't deserve any respect!

  6. Need to make a loud/firm example out of this idiot, the problem is the penalties no longer fit the crimes.

    1. You are right but these leftist DA's would have charged him with a crime, while the gutless city council and mayors would have rewarded the idiot with a huge payout.

  7. I would Absolutely help a Officer in any situation. These Nit Wits that want to Defund the Police have Their heads up Their A$$es !!!
    Take a look at the Crime going on !!! Know the very ones that wanted the Police gone, are crying because it’s not safe to Shop on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive

  8. Where is all of the media attention to this vicious act of insanity? Not a work anywhere. I bet if the criminal had been hurt there would have been a roar of brutality you would not be able hear anything else. Our media, if you can call them that, has become nothing but a bunch of letches that have sold their souls to the devil called Socialism or maybe just the highest bidder.

  9. No choice but to aid the officer, they're not invincible. Anyone as crazy & stupid as his attacker would've went after anyone he could hurt next. All this garbage is being lead by our demon rat party. I'm in Minnesota seeing how the democrats are encouraging rioting, looting and all out destruction of this beaustate. Minneapolis is getting referenced to the wild west by some that live there. Pelosi and mad Maxine waters both came here to incite attacks on law enforcement and the national guard. A drive by in North Minneapolis injured some of them, because of Pelosi and waters. In Minnesota so far, we only have one constitutional sheriff (Anoka county). If Hennepin county was like Anoka is, most of the carnage wouldn't have happened. Hennepin county sheriff's department just don't give a damned about their citizen's, as I've experienced firsthand. They disgraced this state, their leaders were to blame as well, all the way up to the governor.

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