Students Outraged When Their Anti-Police Rhetoric Removed From School Hallway

A group of high school students in Muncie, Indiana, were given an assignment to draw comparisons between the graphic novel "V for Vendetta" and current events. However, the students leaned hard into anti-police rhetoric and were asked to move their display from the hallway back to the classroom.

Stark Comparisons

Katie O' Connor, the language arts teacher for the school, said in a Facebook post that the students were to create a poster that detailed, correct issues in American society. Many of these hallway posters talked about police brutality and racism.

"V for Vendetta" was about an anarchist who was attempting to take down a fascist rule. Three days into these posters being up, no one had complained.

But, they were definitely a topic of conversation, and people were even seen taking pictures. When November 11 rolled around, the school resource offices began to talk about the information on the posters, specifically one that depicted cops as pigs. They even talked to the student until O'Connor stepped in.

O'Connor said the conversation felt productive, but some students did not like the other teacher's opinions. One student, Quinnith Bouton, even filmed the conversation and then put it up on Twitter.

The school district saw the video and asked that the display be moved inside the classroom since Black Lived Matter is considered a political organization in Indiana. However, the decision made students angry. They protested in droves on campus grounds, leading the district to send a letter home stating students who attempt any further protests will be disciplined.

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29 comments on “Students Outraged When Their Anti-Police Rhetoric Removed From School Hallway”

    1. That has already been answered. Check out the states and cities that are restoring the police. The crimes increased and the people were not happy.

  1. A good smack upside the head would help many of those totally spoiled brats. When they get in trouble don't call the police. You call Al Sharpton, Obama or Biden.............the chief racists. BLM is a terrorist organiation. TIme to crush them and antifa.

    1. Actually "BLM" is a MARXIST group , bent on DESTROYING AMERICA. The word "Racism" was COINED by a "black man, who is a "MARXIST".

  2. Attention all police departments nationally:

    1. I keep thinking along the same lines myself. Let them have what they want give 'em the cities they destroyed and let them live there as they choose.

  3. Welcome to those, who when you wake up in this real world, if you don't die first, then you will know they give the best they can to save the ASS HOLE's too. So, think about it when you see the next SAD happening somewhere, that might have acted like the juveniles you are. That is why you are in college to change your diapers to condoms! Those who read this. come back and reply when you fucking grow up. We don't want you on the 6 ft under list, but one that protects their own, one day coming. Challenge you to return in that time. At 80, I might not be here, but someone else will and they know you finally woke up for your lives at hand. BOB80VA

  4. Idea! lets challenge you to go to your local police departments and talk to anyone, maybe the oldest one in charge, and learn what you think you already know, which is obviously not much. One's, you can't talk to, are 1000's who have died, just to at least try to save one's lives, who had no choices, and they gave theirs for them, you might relate to, unless you really don't care about anyone. Spend your time sitting in the seat that teaches you , that is why you are there, and not the FAKE Bull Shit, Felon's trying to take you out of the picture, unless that is what you are studying to do, to join them, if not, they can burn you out too. Sure there are good and bad in all. The Good ones will go on to protect you and the other's, they will be dealt with too. Distractions are not needed, but your hand and a vote is.

  5. This is the result when parents ignore what their children are being taught. In addition, spare the rod and spoil the child.

  6. Human beings haven't changed one iota since they started walking upright, or created, however you want to believe. Many civilizations are destroyed by their own hands because of a difference in opinion. The religious are as much to blame as the secular for death and mayhem. Always pointing fingers at each other and keeping the hate alive. The people who hate police and want them barred from existence will eventually turn on each other once their objectives are reached. Criminally minded with no regard for the lives that are affected by this type of self destruction. Archeologist dig up civilizations and try to figure out what actually happened to these once powerful entities. We know basically what happened to Rome. The everything is ok to do and its lackadaisical attitudes towards lying to the public. The ones who were lied to laid waste to it. History always repeats itself because humans try to forget the past and move on. They will destroy any semblance of the civilization they have created only to do it all over again. There will be never be a time when human beings across the globe will sing kumbaya holding hands because of the difference of opinions. Human beings are better off remembering the past without having to live in it. If there is one thing that most humans do better than any life form on earth is destroying each other. We need no God or Gods to tell or show us how to do that. We have been doing that since the first human picked up a rock and bashed in the head of another to gain from what the other possessed. Hatred between races has always existed and it's looking like will always be so. To the victor goes the spoils is a saying that still stands true today. One can never forcefully make another like them when they are a180 degrees away from each other's beliefs unless they programmed to do so. I know there are examples when this has happened but it certainly isn't a status quo. The earth has a layer of dead humans who either succeeded or failed in the attempt to usurp other humans. Without law and order all we have is barbarism. Barbarism is easier for some than others. Okay my bloviating is over. We all have a choice to make. Nothing in this universe happens without a thought to drive things forward. I choose law and order and those who are against it will have to either succeed or be quelled but never decimated because there will always exist those who have a different mindset either through their own thoughts or be raised by those who think like that. It's the human way.


  8. Maybe when these brainless entitled little sh__s grow up and get out into the real world they will find life is a hell of a lot different than in a book. Of course, when these little brats are assaulted who do you think they are going to call. This is on the parents.

  9. There is no doubt that Police is needed in our society, however; this institution should be oriented differently. Police cannot be the enemy of the people that they serve. Also, Police should be capable of understanding mental conditions/ behaviors that need medical attention instead of torturing or killing prisoners. Therefore, reform is needed in the Police system. Policemen should be more educated about mental diseases, psychosociological conditions and cultural aspect of communities that may put people at risk to commit crime. Therefore, Police Officers should spend more time in training like they do in Europe where it takes in general three (3) years to become a Cop. Background check should be more profound, and cultural dimensions of many areas/groups in our society should always be considered when accepting someone in the Police Academy. Better relationship should be developed between the Cops and the environment they protect. People who belong to Institutions such as the KKK, white supremacists, "Q", Mafia... should not be allowed to become Police Officers. A lot of people use the Police force to implement their criminal agenda. REFORM THE POLICE SYSTEM! IT IS NEEDED TO PROTECT OUR SICIETY.

  10. Just what is "HOMOPHOBIA" ? Is it the "same as "ARACNAPHOBIA" ? Or is it a "word" used to vilify those with "Morals" ? To vilify someone because they have "Morals" is indeed a "PHOBIA" due to the fact that your sexual "proclivities , activities , preference" IS "IMMORAL ", and therefore you vilify in order to "protect your self" against that which MAKES YOU feel "uncomfortable" and therefore "condemned " by YOUR ACTIONS . It is not wrong , if you are indeed homosexual , however , it is INDEED WRONG to carry out those desires.
    So , to "vilify" the police because of "PERCEIVED" racism , or bias , is shortsighted , bigoted , and indictment against your own lack of "knowledge and extensive experience" in the world . I suggest you stop drinking the "KOOL-AIDE" of the LEFT and do some real research . Take a long weekend to ride with a Policeman/Woman and see what they deal with on a daily basis .

  11. The little children are being led by a group of leftist people that only want what they see as needed. They forget poepole need to be free to choise not being led.

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