Susan Sarandon: Police Gathering For Funeral Are Fascists, "Are Police Even Necessary in New York City?"

 February 3, 2022

In yet another attack on New York Law Enforcement regarding funerals for fallen Officers, a celebrity has graced us with their useless opinion.

Susan Sarandon, an Academy Award-winning actress couldn't hold back her sickening remarks about the New York Police Department.

As thousands of officers gathered for the wake of a murdered NYPD officer, Sarandon likened them to fascists and questioned whether police are even needed in New York City.

This is not the first time Susan Sarandon has made controversial remarks about law enforcement. She immediately tweeted the remarks and of course was met with backlash from Officers all over the country.

She later deleted her tweet, but we still have a screenshot for everyone to see:

Susan Sarandon should be ashamed of herself and look up the definition of fascism while she's at it.

What do you think about Hollywood celebrities sharing their opinions about Police? Let us know in the comments below.

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64 comments on “Susan Sarandon: Police Gathering For Funeral Are Fascists, "Are Police Even Necessary in New York City?"”

    1. She is not a person I would put on my list to see one of her pictures…..Just like those other Hollywood actors that have no love for the UNITED STATES

  1. I can’t wait until these idiots need to call the police and other first responders for help. They don’t care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts, they are all a disgrace to the human race.

  2. I would like to see what kind of protection Susan S. has around her that she feels like we the normal public dont need the protection of police because we can't afford to pay people to protect us 24/7 like the rich do

  3. These so called "stars" as is some of our "politicians" seem to forget who put them where they are!! We need our police!!

  4. I don’t like her any way who do these celebrities think they are they think there better everyone there no better than anybody in Gods eyes were all equal these Jerks can take a long walk off a short Pier

  5. I will never watch anything of hers again. In fact I plan to get rid of DVD’s I have. She is a total idiot.

  6. She is just one of those getting older has been celebrity actresses, who hire their own body guards with them everywhere, and guard their homes, and everything around they don't use police. She is so stupid making a ridiculous comment like that which really does effect all NORMAL families in America who are not idiot celebrities and really do need police for protecting their homes, their lives, and their children and their wellbeing.

  7. Sarandon has been around Hollywood far too long living in that bubble. She is overly impressed with her own importance has outlived her usefulness. She should be thanking God for this young officer instead of showing her ignorance. The left calls everyone "fascist" whenever someone does or says something they don't like She needs to just shut up. BTW, what miserable lives these people must live if they have to vent their displeasure on anyone who isn't like them.

    1. She is just another 75 yr old that seems to be suffering from dementia......All she is good for is playing a grandmother in a sleeping and stuporous situation..........

  8. Hope she never needs a police officer. They may have her on a list. As non essential.
    Do not respond.. This is ugly. and disrespectful. I will no longer support her.
    God sees all. Accountability will come.

  9. FUCK that stupid ass bitch ... Let's see what happens when someone tries to harm her or assault and rapes her fuckn ass (not sure why anyone would wanna fuckn that bitch). Let's see who she calls. To all law enforcement women and men may God protect and guide you guys always and greatly and truly thank you for your services.... I've got your six

  10. Its such a shame how the left celebrities continue to say the fowlist things out of their mouth. One day their going to need our beloved Police to protect them, and unlike the left they took an oath to serve and protect! God Bless every single Police Officer around the Country!

  11. Does anyone really think the American public is stupid enough to take celebrities’ outlandish remarks to heart? Pa-leez, give us more credit than that!

    1. YES RITA, but you have to understand that the hatred for others that these demented Hollywoodites have cannot go anywhere without a comment that tells them how unimportant they are..........She is nothing more than a demented 75 yr old inane person......FB is the perfect place to explain that to her.

  12. Susan is just another vile,hateful, ignorant, liberal has-been !!!!!! But, you can bet your sweet petunias, she'll be happy to call 911 if she heard a bump in the night !!!!! Hopefully, KARMA will come a calling and show little ms.Bee ach a thing or two !!!!!!!

  13. When will these “celebrities “ learn that their opinions are not wanted. So she can act, I.e. read the words someone else wrote, that does not mean she is intelligent or knows anything political! Opinions are like buttholes-everyone has one! My opinion is just as valid as this has been actress. The difference is I keep mine unless someone ASKS

  14. She may be a good actress who can follow a script but that only means she knows how to read. Let her live without her security guards in New York city in an area that has alot of police activity for awhile and see if she has the same view. One other remark I'm from New York and love it.

  15. Who is Sarandon? She is pitiful, heartless, & cold! Why would anyone care how she feels or how much she shows her ignorance! Let her plap her big mouth while only wanting attention! SAD!

  16. So sad this says so much about themselves. One wonders as they stay in their fenced in estates that they know or care about anyone other then themselves. Sure opinionated though.

  17. Why should she worry much like Rosie O'donnell she most likely has her own security when she needs it. It sucks that one more group of DVD's gets burned on the BBQ. My once large DVD library has really been whittled away since 2015. So now we garden & hike more. Maybe I should thank them for being America haters, the country that made them. Yes people like susan need to leave and find their own country of elites. Grow their own damned food and be happy away from We the People. Waste of space.

  18. You and Hanoi JANE are the same in my book. Just remember, while you are sucking on George Saros's prick, we told you, "When you sleep with dogs (or in your case FUCK DOGS) you will wake up with fleas".
    You and all your DemoncRAT friends can burn in hell as far as I care.
    By the way.. You and all your demon crat friends, know where I'm at. COME GET YA SOME.......

  19. That lousy Non Actress needs to go to hell in a hand basket. No wonder everybody recognizes her as a over the hill wanna be....Shameful and despicable idiot she is.
    Her obvious communist marxist socialist rant is not worth the paper her comment is written on. Flush it down the FILE 13 where it belongs....

  20. Don’t support them financially let them find another source of work. But just who cares what Hollywood leftist think.


  22. Sarandon is just another cc of NP, JB, KH, etc., and is unimportant and unecessary just like the DEMS/RINOS/LIBS.........She is not a person I would put on my list to see one of her pictures.....Just like those other Hollywood actors that have no love for the UNITED STATES.........

  23. Never, never to watch anything with her or Bete milder again. I only wish you two were being deported. Maybe, anywhere outside United States. When your anywhere but here you really, really appreciate what you took for granted.

  24. Susan Sarandon is just another big mouth know it all like Cher, Whoopie, Alec Baldwin, etc. what a horrible thing to say about police officers attending a brothers funeral. 20 years ago they were hailed as Heros now we put up with these people saying God awful comments about men and women putting their lives on the line for all of us. Please, I was always taught to shut up when I got too carried away, so to all these old timers that think they’re opinion is important…SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!!

  25. When you are an over-the-hill useless actress this is what you do to try and stay relevant. What a useless pile of crap. She is lower than whale Sh_t and that is on the bottom of the ocean.

  26. Typical. Most of them think they are better then us, but they are definitely wrong. They aren’t worth anything at all. They are just trash.

  27. Susan Sarandon is an idiot celebrity. She's nothing anymore so she has to get attention any way she can. She needs to SHUT UP and hope she doesn't need a cop to help her.

  28. I think it would be poetic justice to ask “are cops even necessary to be called the next time you’re robbed?” But then the libtard has paid bodyguards so it’s moot. That is proof of two brain cells fighting for space in a pin head.

  29. Simple just stop watching any of her movies!!! Mainly pray for our enemies that they will go back to being a true American! Did you understand that Susan?

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