Third Russian General Slain In Ukraine Invasion

By Ethan Cole on
 March 12, 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is incredibly complex and often convoluted. The fog of war prevents a lot of genuine facts from being brought to light.

For example, Ukraine is not a shining example of freedom and democracy .However, one thing is clear. The Russian invasion of Ukraine's sovereignty an the slaying of innocent non-combatants is a crime against humanity.

Therefore, when stories of Ukrainian's resisting their invaders emerge, we appreciate their bravery and tenacity.

For the third time in less than two weeks, a Russian General has been slain in Ukraine. This is largely due to Russia's leaders are required to lead from the front. While this is an admirable method of leadership, it might be prudent to keep the top leaders and strategic minds more safe.

It will be interesting to see how Russia's doctrine and leadership style will play out in the continued conflict.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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48 comments on “Third Russian General Slain In Ukraine Invasion”


    1. I agree if Trump was still president it wouldn't have come to this. Are you willing to risk a nuclear war? With this moron lying thief we have in charge we are in big trouble. He is libel to surrender to Russia and give them Alaska.

      1. Trump was a great President. He was a businessman and not a FANCY=PANTS POLITICIAN. Yes, I give you ... he talked too much at times, was thin skinned, and could be petty. SO WHAT! He got the job done and he was not guilty of stupid mistakes. On the other hand - Lo-IQ Biden cannot show what he has done right ... it seems every decision his handlers order him to carry out ends up a disaster.

      1. Not so - the Russians made it quite clear what the terms for peace are - they are exactly what they were when the break, nothing has changed -up the Soviet Union occurred - We- I mean dumb ass Biden and weak General staff could being them to our shores by interfering with an internal feud , the oligarchies of Ukraine are the root cause of the problem and NATO's violation of the treaties signed at the end of the cold war [- they have started numerous wars with the same type of BS -Viet Nam , Korea -Ect -- don't believe the MSM these are the most corrupt people on the planet

      2. Yes its called nukes all it takes is one wrong move by anyone and its button pushing time and it won't end well for the world . And look who we have at the wheel a fool and his anti American party .
        Its not good any way you look at it .

    2. Your out of your mind -if you want to suite up their are flights to go over and join them - We have no vital interests in the Ukraine - have any of the European countries sent troops in -- no - why --you know the answer - Stop watching the mind numbing media --- I spent 20 + years in the service and saw the end of Viet Nam -- stop banging the war drum if your not willing to go do the dyeing - its always funny how the people calling for war aren't the ones going or their sons and Daughters -

      1. I agree with you a 100%. It is so easy for people to say we need to go to war when they have never have been there. These are the symptoms that soldiers experience while in combat. Heart pounding, fear, and tunnel vision are just a few of the physical and emotional responses soldiers reported. Upwards of 30% reported fear before and during combat, blowing apart a macho myth that you're not supposed to ever be scared during battle. These are the symptoms that soldiers return from combat with. PTSD, Anxiety, Alcohol and substance abuse, Suicide, ( T B I ) Traumatic Brain Injury and many suffer from more than one health issue. War with Biden as Commander in Chief would be far more dangerous than his Evacuation plan for our American people and families in Afghanistan. He killed 13 soldiers because he had no plan. Imagine his strategy plan for war. We all die.

    3. Do y ou Tally tong congress will do anything? This wouldn't be happening if President Trump was still in office. he knew how to deal with these people

    4. Would have been uncontested if the TV Star was there..Putin never had to go this far before.As The TV Star paved the way for him

    5. Quit panicking ! We do not fear death brcause life is eternal through Jesus Christ. And God would not let man destroy the planet He plans to live on.

  2. Based on the performance of the Russian Army in Ukraine so far, they are well served by having their top leaders and strategic minds on the battlefront where they will create need for new top leaders and strategic minds..

    1. This may all be a ploy by Putin to lure NATO into a Failed Sense of easy Domination, he maybe strategically letting his less trained troops and Generals to be easy defeated, then bring it his elite troops once NATO makes it's move, devastating NATO and no longer have anyone to oppose to his goals.

      1. Putin isn't worried about the phony's from the EU - they are all cowards - and have tight economic ties to Russia - that's what they are worried about-- Biden is an air head - so there not really worried about Shit - they can't hurt him - Russia has been through allot

      2. I visited Russia in 1992 with a group of oilmen. This was shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I saw common areas and yards around apartment buildings in disrepair and run-down -trash and no paint eroding. Yet, when I enter an apartment I found it spotless, well-maintained and tastefully decorated. Why? The apartment was a personal possession. I saw junky autos, buses and trucks. I learned that tanks, planes were i n the same shape. Ehen I flew I was in a Tupulov 4-engined plane - carpet ragged, seat backs up to the middle of my back, many seat belts did not work, and the stewardess was "put-upon" if you requested water or coffee. Liberty & freedom they loved; however, it was so ne whey we still trying to figure out how to act. Over the next 17 years I spent nearly 1.3rd of my time in the fmr Soviet Union. I learned conversational Russian and found myself answering a million questions about democracy and religion. The average Russian is a good reliable person; but like the German population they fell for an evil set of officials headed by an egomaniac with no bounds to what he is capable of.. he is EVIL.
        I do not want war. But... we are stuck with a bunch of incompetent WEAK-KNEED LEADERS who may lead us right into WWII. God forbid!

    2. The downside of this is. In Putin's mind he CAN NOT loose, (his ego won't let him) so he has to pull out all the stops and do what ever it takes to win. If he can't win, he will take as many with him as he can when he goes down. And I'm not talking about the Ukraine people. I'm talking about the biggest thorn in his side, the US and our beliefs. He is facing war-criminal charges & execution anyway, so in his mind, it is WIN or DIE. He has nothing to loose. Hopefully he will do what Hitler did & take himself out, before he pushes the nuke button.

    3. In reality - it does give your leadership creditability and its really not too much to ask - a leader should be out in front or very close - the fact that ours now hide in other country's and shoot missiles from protected buildings thousands of miles away says allot about American Field grade officers

  3. Our generals should be put in the front lines. Maybe that screw up in Afghanistan with those soldiers getting killed would not have happened.

    1. It wasn't our field Generals that failed. It was the bunch in Washington calling the shots, including Biden.

      1. That's the way it was during NAM. It was another dumb president, LBJ who sat in Washington and used a Vietnam map as a dart board and where navy pilots were going to bomb the next day. Both are just dumb democrats that need to back off and let the military run the war. The guys who are on the scene rather than some idiot thousands of miles away.

        1. That is not how it works. Managing a military conflict is extensive and complex work. It takes full-time people in the back lines to make it work. Maybe that is at least part of what Russia is doing wrong.

        2. LBJ was a war criminal as fart as I am concerned. I speak also for my son who served to 2 tours in Nam.

      2. Specifically what shot's? Our leadership has brought NATO more United then it's ever been. . What would you do? So easy to be an arm chair Monday morning quarter back.

    2. Our generals are too busy reading “woke” and CRT to the troops. They can’t be bothered training the troops to conduct war training

      1. That was the best laugh I've had today only because I have a 'unique' sense of humor & visuals to match. But. . . it is a pathetic and dangerous situation for this country - whoever came up with this BS training for our military should be shot!

        1. We have faith that God would not allow Russia to bomb this planet and cause mass destruction. And we have eternal life through Jesus Christ.

  4. The fog of war includes that fickle finger of fate. Any officer worth his salt knows success on the battlefield lies with the grit and determination of well trained and equipped infantry non-coms at the company level. These staff level deaths could be evidence of serious deficiencies that demand they expose themselves on the front lines, at the tip of the spear. Odds are good this will be a Pyrrhic victory for Putin, Inc.

  5. This suggests to me that the junior officers are not good leaders and the higher ranks have to step up and make the army move.

  6. I guess putting the idiots first helps eliminate the shit stirrers .I find it quiet helpful.
    Little by little all those in charge will be dead.
    Wish they would've started with putting and biden binladin

  7. I think this bullshit needs to stop as nd i think Biden who started this mess with his weakness and pathetic policy here at home needs to pull his head out of his ass and bring back Trumps energy independence back he had us on . Then I think all the Democrats should step down and let people who love America try to save it from this mess the anti American Democrats and Biden got us in too.
    Then bring back Capt America Donald Trump to fix the mess and make America strong again.
    Thats what i think.

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