Thousands Of US Troops Prepare For Deployment As Russia Threatens Invasion

As Russia refuses to back down from the threat of invading Ukraine, US troops have been put on heightened alert for possible deployment to Europe.

This move includes Army brigade combat teams as well as logistics, medical, aviation and transportation units.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued the order to units now in the US that would be part of a NATO force if the alliance decides to activate a military response.

This comes as NATO meets to discuss the situation in Ukraine and Russia's recent actions. It is still unclear whether or not US troops will be sent to Europe, but the heightened alert shows that the US is taking the Russian threat very seriously.

Biden's comments the other day insinuating that there is such a thing as a "minor" invasion may well have tipped the scales on the current tension. Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more updates on the US troop situation and the Russian threat and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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19 comments on “Thousands Of US Troops Prepare For Deployment As Russia Threatens Invasion”

  1. I you want to thin out our Military, just elect a democrat, then just set back and count the body bags.

  2. Biden/harris administration in the White HOuse means that Russia and China does not care what the US says, wants or trys to do, it will not flourish as the weaklings in the White House have made it clear that they are toooo weak minded to do anything so Russia and china will do whatever they like, no matter the US military posture in the region, period. We have become the "laughing stock" of the world. The world doesn't look to US no more for leadership because of the radical, left-wing, socialist, Marxist, communist, progressive, demon-crats are so weak-minded and incompetent, period. Worst than jimmy carter ever was.....

  3. If that SOB wants to send troops ANYWHERE. It needs to be back to Afghanistan to GET OUR PEOPLE OUT THAT HE LEFT STRANDED.
    If he is more than willing to abandon our people in Afghanistan. What will he do those that he sends into Ukraine ? If I were not going into a U.S. controlled space or territory, I wouldn't want to go because our so-called commander and chief has shown that he doesn't care if our people are killed, captured or left behind.
    The reason I feel this way is, 1. (killed) As the bodies are coming off the plane, he is checking his watch. 2. (captured) He said I told them to get out. 3. (left behind) Fuck em, we're leaving. they had their chance.
    So no. I wouldn't want to go anywhere that he wanted to send me. Because he doesn't care whether I come back or not.

  4. I also feel that this is ANOTHER "rope-a-dope" move. Keep everybody looking at and thinking about Ukraine, so that we don't see the backdoor deals being made with our real enemy, Communist China. Also, for some. War is VERY VERY PROFITABLE.

    1. You are too kind. Biden, while an IDIOT, is also a TRAITOR, and should be dealt as such. Trump, escort this RETARDED traitor to SING SING.

  5. ” F J B " he was not elected to anything … he was handed our White House on a Platter of FRAUD ! It was Biden himself that bragged about the FRAUD just a few days before the 2020 Election ! Here are his exact words …
    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

    1. Thomas, reading comprehension was not a strong point for you in school obviously since Biden was addressing the need for an anti-fraud investigation into any possible voting irregularities. It turns out that Trump proved over and over that there was indeed fraud perpetuated in the election!

  6. Why should we send our boys to die for someone who doesn't care about us. We have our own problems to deal with with the illegal aliens invading from the south.Everyone in the should refuse to go after all they swore to defend us and the constitution not to be world police. I am not a chickenshit or a pacifist and would be willing to take up arms against any invading army. You would have thought they learned their lesson from Vietnam and Afghanistan or maybe we have such a surplus of equipment that we should leave the European Muslims. Knowing the bidens this might be a way to give the Russians some of our secret technology, maybe Joe Brandon is not as stupid as he acts (no he really is that stupid).let the Europeans get in there and defend themselves.

  7. The whole operation is doomed... inadequate preparation and an insufficient number of military personnel. Don’t send a small contengiency of personnel against the massive amount of Russian troops amassed at the border, it is suicide! It sounds like these Washington idiots think our military men and women are expendable....just like in Afghanistan. Be very careful I see a setup between Russia & China...we need to protect our own homeland. Our military deserve better treatment and respect for their willingness to serve.j

  8. “And I saw a bear stand up on one side having three ribs in his mouth, and power was given to him that he should take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another. He was handed a great sword, a commandment was given unto him…devour much flesh!”

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