U.S. Taxpayers Subsidizing Ukraine's First Responders

Last updated: September 25, 2023

A recent segment on "60 Minutes" revealed that U.S. taxpayers are not only supporting Ukraine's military but also subsidizing its economy by covering the salaries of all 57,000 of Ukraine's first responders.

The report has sparked taxpayer outrage about the extent of U.S. involvement in Ukraine, especially when polls suggest that a majority of Americans are against additional funding for the country.

To be clear, we support Ukraine's sovereignty and fully condemn Russia's invasion. However, we believe the issue of supporting Ukraine financially should be handled by NATO, not U.S. taxpayers directly.

The Extent of U.S. Support

The "60 Minutes" segment highlighted that the U.S. is doing more than just supplying weapons to Ukraine.

American taxpayers are also financing seeds and fertilizers for Ukrainian farmers and even subsidizing small businesses in the country.

This comes at a time when a Fox News poll found that 56% of Republicans believe the U.S. should be sending less support to Ukraine, and a CNN poll revealed that 55% of Americans are against Congress authorizing additional funding for Ukraine.

The Role of NATO

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has been a significant beneficiary of U.S. financial support.

Given that one of NATO's core missions is to ensure the security and stability of its member states and partners, it would be fitting for the organization to take on the responsibility of supporting Ukraine's first responders.

This would not only alleviate the financial burden on U.S. taxpayers but also align with NATO's strategic objectives in the region.

A Call for Transparency and Responsibility

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell questioned why the U.S. is spending billions on Ukrainian farmers, first responders, and entrepreneurs.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson emphasized the need for transparency, stating, "If this is what we are subsidizing, make a fully transparent case for it."

It's time for NATO to step in and make a transparent case for taking over the role of supporting Ukraine's first responders and economy.


While the valor and dedication of Ukraine's first responders in the face of Russian aggression are commendable, the financial responsibility should not solely fall on U.S. taxpayers.

NATO, which already benefits from significant U.S. contributions, should step up and take on this role, aligning it with their mission and strategic objectives.

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2 comments on “U.S. Taxpayers Subsidizing Ukraine's First Responders”

  1. Must remember that the US supported about 90 percent of funding until Trump was president then NATO put in close to 40 percent. Why wouldn't Biden send tax money to support a country that sent his family millions of dollars under the table.

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