Traffic Stop Turns To Gunfight, Deputy Shoots Gunman Despite Taking 5 Bullets First

In an incredible demonstration of courage and fortitude under fire, a North Carolina Sheriff's deputy took out his assailant after taking 5 bullet wounds.

Deputy Whyms was flagged down by a concerned father, who then requested assistance with his unstable son. Whyms jumped right in to help and conducted a traffic stop on the suspected individual.

As Deputy Whyms approached the vehicle, the driver opened fire without warning. Despite taking 3 bullets to the upper body and 2 to the lower extremities, Deputy Whyms immediately returned fire.

The gunman, identified as Aidan Bryant, sought medical care shortly after fleeing the scene. Bryant was hospitalized and will be arrested as soon as he is released from medical care. It is still not clear if Bryant is the unstable son whom Deputy Whyms was trying to assist.

As for Whyms himself, he is expected to make a full recovery. This is incredibly good news and our prayers remain with him through his recovery.

What if the anti-Police activists had their way and this was a social worker, not a Police officer handling the call. Would they have been better off? While we think that replacing Police with Social Workers is a terrible idea, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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