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7 comments on “UKRAINE ALERT: Ukrainians Trying To Flee Amid Russian Attack”

    1. Agree 100 percent . They're nothing but a inept bunch of morons , camel toe Harris won't nothing but a crook ,and Joe Biden is so damn senile and alzheimer ridden he should be in a assisted living facility ,but he still had to support china to keep his illegal millions from from going dry in his pockets . ..none of the shit would've happened if Trump were still president

  1. This war in Ukraine would not have happened if the corrupt leaders of the western world would have simply given Russia guarantee that Ukraine would not goin nato! Russia simply can not allow nuclear missles next to their border, just like america would not allow Russia missles in Cuba! The fault of this war in Ukraine is truly on the shoulders of corrupt cabal western leaders! If they keep messing with Russia he is going to lunch strikes on europe and america and the blame is on Biden and the rest of these democrat traitors in congress!

  2. I just hope that the clown, democrat, liberal, Antifa, BLM, defund the police activists are happy with the choice they made in the 2020 election because not only they will be paying the price for the inept, senile, moronic, idiotic bean brain they put in office the hard working patriots of this nation will also pay for their idiocy! But, remember worse than that is that Trump made funny faces! Morons!

  3. Too bad I can't afford to Fedex a petty tyrant like Justin Trudeau to Moscow incidentally I doubt he'd go alone with the plan. Then maybe he'd do the world a favour and bring world peace.

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