Vermont Prosecutor: We Will No Longer Prosecute Cases Involving Evidence Found During Traffic Stops

By Ethan Cole on
 January 23, 2022

In a stunning move that is sure to send shockwaves throughout the criminal justice system, Vermont's largest county prosecutor has announced her office will no longer prosecute many cases involving evidence found during traffic stops.

The reason? People of color are allegedly disproportionally impacted by evidence found during traffic stops.

It's unclear exactly how this new policy will be implemented, or what criteria will be used to determine which cases are prosecuted and which ones are not.

But the real problem lies with the assumption that law enforcement is fundamentally racist or actively persecuting minorities.

Whatever the cause may be, this is a major shift in policy and one that could have a significant impact on the criminal justice system as a whole.

One thing is clear: this move is sure to generate a lot of controversy... what do you think? Please let us know in the comments, but please remember that we do not tolerate racism or hatred towards law enforcement in our comment section.

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23 comments on “Vermont Prosecutor: We Will No Longer Prosecute Cases Involving Evidence Found During Traffic Stops”

    1. American voters do get rid of these globalist puppet, leftist nazis and then globalist voter fraud appoints/reappoints their demonrats and rinos .

  1. If those demonrat voters of color didn't have criminal records they could also attempt to pass the tests and attempt to become police officers .

  2. Sorry, it doesn't make much sense. But actual statistics, more than 50% of all crime is attributed to less than 13% of the Black population. And that is not racist. IT IS FACT.

  3. If the Criminals stopped driving around with Drugs, Guns & other types of Criminal Evidence in their cars. WE WOULD NO LONGER NEED THESE “INEPT SOROS PROSECUTORS.”

  4. This gives drug mules license to operate freely with no chance of being arrested. Some one ought to check what she is smoking.

  5. Another Soros funded Commie dumbass prosecutor in action. When will the populace realize their freedom and safety are in jeopardy!? When will we as a nation stand up and yell ENOUGH!? As a veteran who served protecting our nation for 20 years, I am ashamed that too many Americans don’t seem to care or realize how close our Republic is to dying. Yes folks just keep sitting on your thumbs and griping. Or stand the f___ up and take action! Vote the Dems out and mandate that. Conservatives hold the ba*tards accountable for traitorous conduct toward the Founding principles of our Country. This all started with the skinny communist that American’s put into office in 2008! Stand now and let’s take this nation back! Trust me when I say that Lady Liberty is waiting to be rescued, and she is worth saving!

  6. It is sad that so many Soros backed Disrict Attorney's are in power inthe Demicrat Cities like New York, Detroit, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Berkeley, Phenox, Dallas, Miami, Washiton D. C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, and these arejust the tip of the Soros Ice Berg. Soros is a Ex S. S. Officer and should be stipped of his American Citizenship and his Poperty nd Money and his businesses. Each Prosicutor that has taken money from his verious endeavors should Imediately be stripped of their Office and the Law Licenses revoked!!!! We do not need them and thir false premise's their as bad as the evil Criminals theybrefuse to proecute to the fulliest extent of the Law for their crimes against Innocent American Citizens!

  7. This is exactly why areas with Democratic leaders are crime ridin. The thugs ride around doing drugs and have weapons some of them stolen and those people rob and/or carjack innocent victims or they go as far has murdering innocent victims.

  8. Well criminals should be prosecuted regardless of race, sex or any other defining characters !!!!! If they find that a certain race commits more crime, so be it !!!! This is just more CRT, BS !!!! Apparently this white prosecutors believe black and brown people can't do any better, so they'll just get a pass !!!! They are doing the same in school, ridiculous really !!!!!!!!

  9. Sex trafficking, dead bodies in cars, or beat-up spouses in cars during traffic stops this judge will not now care???? How evil is this judge????? God help us all!

  10. Tired of hearing "poor black people, or he was a good kid when they have rap sheets that are longer than I am tall. Alot of the stuff they endure are brought on by themselves by not listening to the officers

  11. Just another way to protect black criminals by the lawless underminers (liberalism) of our communities.

    And all it's doing is making things worse.

    How long will we tolerate them?

  12. Common sense is hard to find in some people. A lot of politicians, or most, live in their own world. Not reality. Has anyone ever walked ten miles to get to work? Do the same to get home? Ran out of money to pay their bills? Had violence in their neighborhood? Had an illegal immigrant, or someone let out of jail early.? Then kill or hurt someone they cared about? They only care when it applies to their life. That is called lost. It’s also, evil, shallow thinking. They need to be re-educated. Instead of telling today’s children what they should learn. I hope my comment gets posted. Small government. Big government. No.

  13. This is how democrats rid themselves of there so call trash ! To let blacks eliminate there population without lifting a finger . To let crime go unpunished , to lie there way out of everything , there the devil's tool your the suckers as they laughed behind closed doors . To use brainwashing techniques on our children , it's what Islamic radicals do , remove history and create a new history that doesn't include Americans . To destroy statue's , murals , riot's , it's just what ISIS did in the middle east . zepher Zipping

  14. So feel free to drive as much drugs as you like into Vermont because should you get caught you will only get a tix for a tail light out!

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