Violence at Sydney Church During Sermon Leads to Chaos

 April 16, 2024

A violent incident at a church has left a community in shock and spurred a chaotic aftermath.

A 15-year-old boy is accused of stabbing two clergy members during a church sermon in Sydney, sparking unrest and clashes with police.

According to Daily Mail, the shocking event unfolded on a quiet Monday evening at around 7 pm at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, Sydney. Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and Father Isaac Royel were delivering a sermon when they were attacked and stabbed multiple times by a young assailant.

Horrific attack streamed live

The entire ordeal was captured and broadcast live on the church’s YouTube channel, which has almost 200,000 subscribers. The footage showed a figure in a dark hoodie suddenly assaulting the clergy members, then being subdued by worshippers and a police officer on the scene.

The attacker, according to witnesses, taunted the people restraining him, wearing a smile and making mocking remarks.

In response to the violence within the church walls, a tumultuous scene erupted outside. A large crowd gathered, fueled by anger and shock, began protesting. The situation escalated as attendees threw bottles and bricks at responding officers, resulting in injuries and significant damage.

Community response and police action

Acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Holland addressed the public through a late-night press conference, trying to bring calm to a rapidly escalating situation. A decision was made by the authorities to retain the alleged attacker within the church premises for his safety, considering the inflamed passions of the crowd outside.

Meanwhile, the NSW Ambulance had to transport four injured individuals to Liverpool Hospital, which was temporarily locked down due to the volatile crowd outside. Among the injured was the alleged attacker, who sustained a hand injury during the incident.

The church, through a spokesperson, made a poignant request in the wake of the tragedy. “It is the Bishop and Father's wishes that you also pray for the perpetrator. We also kindly ask anyone at the Church premises to leave in peace, as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, teaches us,” said the church spokesman.

Bishop's controversial stance and its repercussions

Bishop Emmanuel, a figure known for his controversial views on COVID-19 and vaccines, might have been a factor in targeting by the assailant. However, motives remain unclear at this stage of the investigation.

Outside the church, the community's response was one of mixed emotions. Acting Assistant Commissioner Holland expressed disappointment with the violent turn of events, highlighting that the protest resulted in property damage and escalated the confrontation with police.

We are a little bit disappointed in the community themselves. A number of houses have been damaged. They've broken into a number of houses to gain weapons to throw at the police. They've thrown weapons and items at the church itself. It was obviously people who wanted to get access to the young person.

As the community of Wakeley grapples with the violent events that unfolded, the authorities call for peace and reflection. The incident has highlighted the volatile mix of strong religious and social opinions, potentially leading to outbursts of violent expressions.


This tragic event reiterates the need for understanding and dialogue within communities. As investigations continue, the community, law enforcement, and church officials are urged to come together to address underlying issues and heal the wounds inflicted by this violent act.

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