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24 comments on “WATCH: Bad Guy Slashes K9 Officer, Stabs Handler Before Getting Shot”

    1. No jail time needed as the criminal was killed by the police. But where the miscreants survive, you're quite right.

  1. Sorry the first cop should have shot him after the dog got stabbed the first time that dog was more important than that asshol

      1. Absolutely! Had the criminal survived he should have faced a STERN judge who would've given him SERIOUS time in prison.

    1. Glad the bastard was shot. Great job cops! Taser before dog being turned loose would have been the best option. Then shoot his ass.

  2. Bless that poor K-9 officer. He certainly did the job without fear. So sad that he was killed by this scumbag. My prayers are with the handler.
    God Bless and Protect our Law Enforcement Officers.

    1. The dog is a law-enforcement officer! I believe that as soon as the scumbag stabbed the dog, his partner should have shot the moron immediately! The officers protect one another and the dog is no different! Instead of running in and himself getting cut, he should have shot the scumbag from 4 or 5 feet away. This would have, hopefully, stopped the dog from being killed and the officer from being cut! Who knows, when your hearts pumping, quick decisions are made! Hope the Officer isn't hurt too bad and I hope they give the dog a deserving burial!

  3. Dog handler is an assshhhlll,why would I let the dog after a lunatic with machete and knife.Tase the faaak or shoot him.Poor dog pay the price with his life because the idiot handler.

  4. Are Police now intimidated so much they cannot just "shoot to kill?" This mental case was life threatening to Police and did indeed kill the trained canine who was doing his job. This is so sad.

    1. Agree 100%, the Anti-Cop Judges, Courts & Prosecutors are responsible for the increase in crime, lack of Respect by the Kids & Criminals today. The Liberal Socialist have destroyed Justice In America until this Nov. VOTE NOV 7th TO SAVE OUR GREAT NATION, Support the Biden & Harris Impeachments & Pelosi’s Criminal Indictment for Conspiracy !

  5. Sorry Jedi died,but glad we won't be wasting good money on the criminal !!!! Praying for full recovery for the K9 officer handler !!!!!

  6. It looked like they did the right things and everything happens so quickly sometimes. That dog was a Hero and deserves remembrance...

  7. Why didn’t he use Cap-Stun or a Taser before sending in his K-9. You stab or shoot my K-9, my Back-Up Police Partner I would shoot you. This guy is on drugs, insane or both. Remember he also stabbed the Police Officer in the face. That’s when he was shot. At what point would you Anti-Cop Liberal Hypocrites use deadly force to stop an insane person stabbing you? If we sent these Liberals on Domestic calls like Biden suggest, there would be less of them whining about the Police. This guy would have killed them & maybe many others. Wake Up & Support Your Local Law Enforcement & purchase Stab Vest for all K-9’s. That dog was valued at $6,000 to $20,000.00 GET IT !

  8. God bless K-9 Jedi and his partner. The officer will miss his beloved K-9 partner all his life. Thank you for your dedication.

  9. The police did the correct thing in this situation because obviously, the guy was either high on drugs or was just crazy. Either way, he was hell-bent on inuring the police in addition to killing the dog. Sad to see that happened. Saved the state the trouble of having a trial where some liberal AG might let him go.

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