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24 comments on “WATCH: From Traffic Stop To Mag Dump In 30 Seconds”

  1. I feel for both officers. The bad guy got what he had coming. Both officers are going to suffer mentally because of a useless criminal. The liberal BS of letting animals like this walk the streets needs to end. I blame the politicians mostly for neglecting the job of protecting our police and the public from these clowns

  2. Classic case of inexperienced policeman finding out how it can get real in an eye-blink. - I don't care how long they have been on the job any ghetto cop with more then a week on the job knows better then to not::

    1- Get into a position where you cannot cover your partner without shooting through him to hit a bad guy. - One guy stays by the police car wit the door open while the other approachs the suspect vehicle on the OPPOSITE side.

    1. GET EVERYBODY OUT OF THE CAR EVERY TIME YOU MAKE A STOP. (Why these collage boys insist on giving bad guys cover and concealment is beyond me.) Ne never get into a position where the copper at the police car cannot shoot anybody who pulls a weapon,,,,,and again DO NOT get between the guy that is covering you and the bad guys.
    2. Never so much as speak to anyone you are not ready to kill,,,,because you never know when they are going to try kill you. Be abrade, be very abrade.
    3. You cannot go to collage and become a policeman.Never forget that policeman are born, not made. You can get killed real easy it you try.
    4. Waite for another car or 2 before you try to be the big hero or a bully with a badge. ---- I

    It;s bad enough out there when you use you head, but when you start thinking these pukes are too afrade of you to kill you you better fine some other job more suited to you. Being a policeman aint it.

    . .

    1. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY ! They sould have never allowed that man in the back seat to step out of the car with an automatic weapon pointed at them !!!

      1. It was a semi-automatic weapon, not a full automatic one such as a machine pistol or full auto battle rifle, FORTUNATELY.

        But you're absolutely right about the handling of the person in the back seat. The officer opening the back door was very lucky that he wasn't killed.

    2. Do you know what happened from the time the officers stopped the car to when this video starts? How did they initially approach the car and from what position or side? From which side did they take the 1st passenger out? How long did they delay going to get the 2nd passenger, the shooter? It all matters as to the position the officers wound up in and the unfortunate sequence of events.

      Also, while college can't teach you to be a natural police officer, the education doesn't hurt a police candidate with the talent to be a good officer. So do you have something against college educated people? Also, it seems that there was another patrol car from which the video was filmed.

      By the way, did you ever pass high school English?

  3. 27 felonies and 17 misdemeanor offensives and out in public !!!!!!
    Seems to me that a lot of people FAILED to protect the people from this heathen !!!!! At least, that POS won't be taking up space from now on !!!!!!!!!!! He still got out easy !!!!! So freaking HAPPY he will no longer be a DRAIN on society !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. that cop is luckly that what looks to me like an old Tec 9 spray and pray gun jammed but they were bad about that I never would buy One but knew people that did and they did not keep them long

    1. The DEPUTIES were doing a good job at de-escalation, however failed to control the stop, by allowing two occupant to exit. The next turn of events is what happens when a career criminal decides to engage. Too bad the Deputy next to the car couldn’t have incapacitated the shooter sooner. Nothing to criticize the cops for.. only Monday morning quarterbacking. One can’t anticipate this happening unless you’ve been there...

      1. The Suspect had a Glock loaded with a 50 round drum magazine. Fortunately he had a jam on a failure to extract a empty cartridge s not to be unexpected for a limp wristed firearm hold while firing his weapon. Also the second Deputy was only to fire one round when the suspect came around on them because he had fired 15 rounds prior so he had to retreat and reload his weapon with another 15 round Magazine which us dumped the entire 15 rds. into the suspect to make sure he did not get back up, justified as his Sheriff later stated. That is why you saw him looking for his other magazine that he dropped while attempting to reload his firearm the first time. Once he reloaded his weapon he went back to the suspect and confirmed that he did not need to shoot him anymore as he was out of the fight. He then called $EMS for his fellow Deputy who was wounded from gunfire in the leg and also suffering from head and face wounds caused when the suspect gun jammed and he assaulted the Deputy with his firearm about the head and face which is why the second Deputy shot him until the threat was over.

  5. I'm not sure how the cops allowed the shooter to come full circle around the car to attack them from behind ??? That should have never happened IN MY BOOK ! Maybe the cop should have dropped to look under the vehicle to know where the suspect was advancing ? No matter , ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL !!! Someone who should have never been on the streets , is , NO LONGER A THREAT TO HUMANITY ! A+

  6. Any and all judges and parole boards need to,pay the price. If a judge turns loose a criminal that has a record like that..27 times?…that judge should be fired! The parole board should also be fired if not charged as accessories! There is no way officers can be trained for a situation like that!
    I hope the officer that was attacked is ok.
    God! What a video!

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