WATCH: LA Police K9 Convinces Suspect to Cooperate

Last updated: October 10, 2023

When Police are dealing with someone who has proven they have nothing to lose, it's usually time to resort to escalation. Otherwise, the situation can get out of control and someone might get hurt!

In this case, one of the suspects wanted in a wild pursuit continued to resist arrest. Law Enforcement Officers decided it was time to end the engagement and released the hound.

The suspect was tackled by the K9, who quickly "convinced" the suspect that it was time to give up.

Considering how terrifying and painful a Police K9 Officer "convincing" can be, can you blame him?

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4 comments on “WATCH: LA Police K9 Convinces Suspect to Cooperate”

  1. Coming out of the store, the K9 went towards the dirtbag who was cuffed standing alongside the PO-lice car.
    (The K9 wanted some more!!!
    I love dogs!!!!!

  2. Getting chewed up by a sheperd,or surrendering,seems like a pretty easy decision, for most,but there are always that got to push the limit, and experience the chew.

  3. I wish the police would turn the dog loose sooner rather than later on these people. The dog enjoys every second of it and so do I.

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