Pentagon Takes Hard Line On Oklahoma National Guard Troops Vaccination Status

 December 2, 2021

The Pentagon is taking a hard line on Oklahoma National Guard Troops and will no longer pay them if they refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“No Department of Defense funding may be allocated for payment of duties performed under Title 32 for members of the National Guard who do not comply with Department of Defense COVID-19 vaccination requirements,” says Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

This mandate is in response to the fact that, as of Monday, only around 60 percent of Oklahoma National Guard troops had received the vaccine.

The Pentagon has given all troops until April 15th to receive the vaccine or face being discharged from their service.

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72 comments on “Pentagon Takes Hard Line On Oklahoma National Guard Troops Vaccination Status”

  1. Time to get rid of the asinine dictates and the pentagon commie laden chief biden, bo shadow dictator appointed, along with other treasonous dem idiots destroying U.S. Freedom, Rights & U.S. Security !

      1. Destroying our military and preventing us from developing weapon systems that can effectively handle weapon systems from Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. We are way behind defensive and offensive hypersonic weapons from the above mentioned countries. It is too bad Biden and Lloyd Austin are more concerned with illegal aliens and woke people than good old American citizens.

        1. that is a crock the Pentagon. is now playing God . and they should not be using military forces in any UNITED STATES CITIZENS. I HOPE ONE PUTS A BULLET RIGHT BETWEEN LOYD AUSTIN'S EYES.

      1. And if OUR MILITARY WAS a little smarter they would take down the communist fraction of OUR government And also the communist damocraps.

        1. they know what's right and what's wrong . commie joe and his misfit commie clan of thugs deserve to be lined up in front of a firing squad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-

    1. oblama Susan rice peeelousi hillary AOC ILHAND THAT Entire clan of mental retards all need their place at the firing squad Schumer those commie FBI and CIA agents that helped cover up tje fraudulent election. all those rhinos

  2. Seems our government is getting too much like a few regimes that are control freaks and not much else. What has happened to our American freedom? The whole Biden Administration seems to have a gestapo mindset! That is why people are getting their belly full of his ridiculous control freak attitude! This is the USA not Russia, China, or any other sick group of control freaks/gestapo! This may actually do the Libs in at the next can hope after one votes!!!

    1. Let's just hope the voting machines are not rigged, chances they are, like in the last Presidential Election! Heaven knows how many people have come here illegally and will be voting. The Left is overwhelming the system, and on purpose! They have trillions of dollars to play with to do whatever they want! It's sickening to see this happen in America!

      1. I'm not too sure that there will even be a mid-term election. And if there is, the democrats know that the political prosses is to slow to stop them, whatever the outcome of an election.
        If the dems win, republicans will call foul, it was rigged . If the republicans win, then the dems will say the same thing. Unfortunately the dems have the judges & the military in their back-pockets, to be pulled out whenever they want.
        They are trying for no more elections, so they can remain in power.

  3. Austin is a tyrant! Where is their freedom of choice. If you don’t want it don’t get it. The General in charge needs to file a lawsuit. Does that moron not understand what is at stake here, of course he does, and that’s how Socialism works. Stop him now.

    1. American had a choice, what you do, its rigged in the last election. Where is America going? Scary.
      Backward. Following what happens in 3rd World countries. Sad to see this great country going down.

    1. Exactly correct when are we going to win wars and not kowtow to clueless government officials?
      Bring back generals and lesser officers who don't cower to politicians. Omar Dwight and Halsey and Doolittle had guts against that damn Demoshit

  4. The Pentagon , FBI , and other governmental groups are NOW TRAITORS. It would do them good to "re-READ" the Declaration of Independence , The Bill of RIGHTS , The Constitution of the United States of America. It is evident that they are not any longer , for The United States. Just look to Australia for an example of a "FREE People" that are now "prisoners in their own country". It can , and will happen if "We The People " allow it.

    1. Those Commucrats in government wouldn't understand what it meant if they did read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

    2. So, let's not allow it. Let's go do a (peaceful) protest like the Dem bought morons did last year. They got by with murder. Look at the mess were in now because of that

  5. this is BS.... Neither the President nor Congress has the right to take away military pay over a soldier's right to choose this vaccine or not. Nor do they have the right to strip them of duty because they didn't take the vaccine, which is proving to be more and more ineffective every day. look at what the Government did to the soldiers in Vietnam with Agent Orange were they given a choice to live a life with cancer or lung diseases that would rob them and there families of years together? no they weren't the Gov just did what they wanted regardless of the outcome just as they are doing now with this experimental vaccine... people have the right to choose.

    1. Thank you for adding in Agent Orange as a reference.
      The Government would NOT admit medical problems then. And still to this day, will NOT admit to a whole range of medical problems, both physical & genetic, associated with exposing our troops to it.
      Our troops didn't have a choice then (it was dropped on them) aka. forced. Now the government is doing the same thing AGAIN. Just like Agent Orange, there are proven problems with the vaccine but the top brass is still FORCING IT ON OUR TROOPS.
      I know for a fact about the genetic problems caused by Agent Orange. Two members of my family have to deal with the major medical issues EVERY DAY of THEIR LIVES, arising from their fathers exposure.
      The government has NO IDEA of the short or long-term effects of this vaccine, yet they still want to force it our military personnel. Thereby putting our military personnel UNNECESSAIRLY in harms way AGAIN.
      In the governments own words, "the vaccine DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST GETTING THE VIRUS, "it just helps with the symptoms".
      You can still get & spread the virus, even though you have been VACCINATED.
      So in my opinion, that leads us right back around to their original agenda. POWER & CONTROL.

      1. I do agree with you except for one thing, the government knows exactly what they are doing & we don’t even know the half of it. I am also convinced none of the politicians actually got the jab.

      2. I agree; if it doesn't PROTECT you, it is not a vaccine; it MAY be a treatment, but certainly it has bad side effects for many. And, the producers of the vaccine have been given immunity from any damage it does!! The whole world has been screwed by China, who released the virus in the first place, and then, by their own governments who are taking advantage of a bad situation to coerce their citizens into wearing masks (of little value), locking down, destroying their economies, and taking a vaccine that some people should never take. And, Little Lord Fauci says he IS the science. I call BS!

    1. They have no respect for the Court - they are constantly threatening to PACK the Court with their idiots like Camel Dung who couldn't even pass the Bar on her first try. The rich elitists are taking over; they don't care about poor and middle class Americans. Look at the high price of food, gas, and shortages due to "supply line" issues, which Ole Joe says Americans are too STUPID to understand. If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black! He insults those who voted FOR him, as well as those of us who were intelligent enough NOT to have voted for him. And, why must we worry about DA's releasing violent criminals with NO bond or little bond, so that they can drive the streets of America and mow down innocent people? And, why have over 1 million illegals been allowed into this country with no effort to determine whether they are carrying deadly diseases? They aren't worried about OUR health - or they would screen and vaccinate illegals if they thought they might bring diseases with them. And, how many of those illegals entering our country were criminals in their countries of origin and will bring their habits and fentanyl with them to kill Americans? No one knows, and our "leaders" don't care. They feel safe in their ivory towers located in their gated communities. And, in addition to an increase in crime, there has been an increase in homelessness (who is more vulnerable than the homeless?) and the rich elite don't care about THEM, either. I am very afraid that this country is circling the drain.

    1. Biden is not running nothing at all!
      Obama , Solos , most important idiot is Bill Gates and other idiots who do not care about human lifee Ed

  6. Biden is just dictating and looking for people that will fall in line and be led blindley. America is on the verge of a coup. I truly believe this. The pentagon and all the Federal Government has come under the rule of the Democrats.

  7. Don't ever forget that we are a people who will not give up our gun Rights. Over 400 million guns in America , along with over 17.6 million retired vets. The government is scared to death of us.

    1. The democrats finally found the murdering gun , Alec Baldwin said he didn’t pull the trigger so the gun fired by itself.

    2. Let's keep them scared. I have a gun. I also know how to use it. Come to my home, try to take it, the body count will rise. I have a large porch..

  8. Austin and all the other Pentagon head shed folks are exercising their "bravado egos" same as Biden. Acting tough, but if all the National Guard, and regular military guys would stand up against them, I bet they would pull up their pink panties and head back to their offices. What are they gonna do if all the military quits...? That would make all of this liberal out of control government look like pussies.

  9. It truly is about time for a complete and sustaining upheaval, an insurrection, yes, a takeover of epic and historical proportions. So far, the commie left has acted on their words. So far, we have not. And they're banking on the possibility that we will not. Worse yet, they're making us look like the real snowflakes in this mess. The ball is now in our court. And if that be the case, we deserve everything they dish out.

  10. I would never have thought in my 70 years I would see the US military become the enemy of the people...that day is here folks.

    1. It's NOT the whole US military. There are some fine men and women who signed up to save this country and keep it free. It's the POLITICAL leadership in the Pentagon that is the enemy of the people.

  11. Jesus Christ himself said the vaccine is poison, taking the vaccine offends God almighty because it has murdered baby's stem cells in the poison, only time will tell what health affects the poison will do besides kill you , this is what heaven said to use against the viruses, moringa plant, Lilly of the valley, geranium plant, all three build up ammune system, Satan and the elite under Satan are trying to depopulate the earth world governments, heaven has already told their gonna release and spread a more deadly virus, china made the deadly virus Russia spread it into the atmosphere with their nuclear bomb they said was accidentally set off

  12. What a DUMB idea. This ranks right up there with a gun shot through the foot or cutting your nose to spite your face. Let's see how this works out - "disaster, any kind" - "Help" - "No tickee, no washee". What desk pusher came up with this 'beaut' ??

  13. We the People never empowered any public “servant” to force vaccines or poison on anyone! Unconstitutional and void fraud against our troops by anti-American infill-Traitors?
    Contrary to the Nuremberg code. 🇺🇸

  14. The Pentagon did not get the word .... Federal Judges have nixed the Biden Mandate because it is illegal and he is a FOOL !

  15. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is just another brainless dupe of the Soros/Obama/ Bloomberg/Zuckerberg, et al. cabal trying to destroy our country in favor of their idea of globalism centered around Agenda 21. Between the "social experiments" during the Obama years and the current glut of mandates, asinine directions and illegal decisions our military is being reduced and demoralized!!

  16. The ones in charge of our Country( if you can give them credit for anything) are the ones committing crimes not USA or Israel. Read your BIBLE omar. You probably don't even have one. I own several. Read what GOD says about people who try to harm Israel and what will happen to them.

  17. Good Morning We The People Remember why don't the People tell congress that if they don't Stop ✋Threatening us that we're not going to Pay them because there not defending our country this is the United States Of America the united states congress now it's time to take the gloves off let's Stop ✋paying congress and senate and president until they Stop ✋these Fnnnnn mandates Remember United We Stand Divided We Fall Remember M A G A Americans

    1. In theory, I agree. If you don't pay your taxes, though, you will go to jail. Now, Ole Sippy Cup wants to keep track of every transaction made through your bank account if you have $600 or more! They are NOT targeting the filthy rich; they are targeting the peons - that's you and me.

  18. At least 40% have common sense! These so-called vaccines are extremely dangerous, and put those that take them, on the path for never ending booster shots that are also experimental and very dangerous!

  19. Maybe we should just NOT PAY & FIRE those in command!!! This is a RIDICULOUS OVERREACH OF POWER!!!!
    LET'S GO BRANDON!!!!!!!

  20. I USED to have respect the leaders of our military. But under this asshole in the WH and the WOKE moment that are destroying this country RAPIDLY . To be an officer you pledge to follow the constitution and DEFEND our country NOT DESTROY IT !! Each American has the right of freedom to choose what to inject in their own body. THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHT TO MANDATE IT !! This whole thing should have been over LAST year. We have a handle on it, but the POS in the WH and DR ? Fauchi have continued to push the fear factor. Chinese commies are loving this as this is EXACTLY what they wanted !!!

  21. If there's no pay, there's no National Guard. I also believe that there is a law that prevents employers from using such tactics against their employees. This pentagon bunch isn't too bright are they? If we have a volunteer military and this is what they have to look forward to, how long do we think it will last?

    1. Pity the poor person who signed up to serve; he/she are working for a demented old fool who doesn't care where they live or die. Look at the fiasco in Afghanistan. And, I understand that there are STILL Americans who were left behind. Ole Joe, and everyone who voted for him, lied, cheated, or stole for him have blood on their hands!

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