WATCH: Police Execute High-Speed Pit Maneuver

By Ethan Cole on
 April 7, 2021

Vehicle pursuits tend to be incredibly dangerous for both officers and suspects. When suspects refuse to stop driving, officers will employ the use of the pit maneuver.

Watch as this Arkansas State Police trooper attempts to use the tactic to stop a driver.

Source: YouTube

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6 comments on “WATCH: Police Execute High-Speed Pit Maneuver”

  1. Cannot out run Motorola, seems like a wasteful tactic when blocks could have been employed and nail BBC strips as well.

  2. So what the hell happened to the brave policeman who risked his life to protect others? To hell with the criminal. Terrible to show this without any word on the hero!

  3. Did the Police Officer make it out ok. That's why I get so angry at people that disrespect our law officials. There are some that are bad,but my goodness. They are willing to put their lives on the line for us all the time. I hate that more than likely the pitch up driver made it. But he could have been sitting beside the road getting a ticket,or whatever. He should not have been running from the law officer.

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