WATCH: Police Pursue Stolen Law Enforcement Vehicle, Hilarious Footage

 February 19, 2023

This video shows footage of authorities pursuing a parking enforcement vehicle before taking the driver into custody.

The chase ended in Sun Valley when the stolen car, a “Burbank Police Parking Enforcement” vehicle, pulled into a parking lot.

Aerial footage from a helicopters captured the event in high definition.

The car had been fleeing from authorities before pulling into the parking lot, bringing the chase to a sudden end.

The driver exited the vehicle after parking next to a dark-colored sedan just as three patrol vehicles pulled up and several officers rushed in.

The Officers approached the driver and tackled him before taking him into custody.

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3 comments on “WATCH: Police Pursue Stolen Law Enforcement Vehicle, Hilarious Footage”

  1. That was a nice controlled arrest by the police. They should be applauded for their efforts to protect the civilians and the idiot who pulled the stupid stunt.

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