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30 comments on “WATCH: Russian Military Buildup Continues, Thousands Of US Troops Mobilize”

          1. It's too dangerous to let them in. Russia won't let anybody be on there border be that armed up they want a buffer. The USA agreed to it on the 80s the Clinton administration ignored it and started to stir up trouble

        1. Would you want China in Canada or in Mexico ? Its no different i see Russias point this wouldn't be happing if Biden wouldnt be pushing for nato in the Ukraine its all a sick reason to start a conflict but again that's what the Democrats do now dont they ? Who knows it suck for America and it sucks for the world .. having the wrong people in power has its consequences.

    1. HC started the whole fiasco with RUSSIA when she sold them our Uranium..........Russians put $145 Million into the Clinton Foundation......Wonder what the United States received???? Wonder if the Russians are paying any taxes on that land or did HC fix that so they didn't have to...

      1. And now she got her rejuvenated hairdo preparing for 2024 another attempt to run and revived the dead B
        Clinton crime family foundation to get again some money into coffers ! Will Clinton’s ever get enough ?

  1. Biden's bluffing will get us into a war with Russian troops. Then what? I'm sure Biden hasn't thought that far ahead in a similar manner as he didn't think ahead with Afghanistan. Biden needs to be removed from office immediately! For those of you War mongers, prove your beliefs by donating a son or daughter to the cause.

      1. That demented old man is a fox in the hen house....ahem, the USA is the hen house, Ya'll. He has about ruined the USA in less than the blink of an eye.

    1. I agree pervert joe biden is completely incompetent BUT what is the alternatives ??? biden's bosses , kameltoe harris , speaker piglosi or some other incompetent , progressive or globalist . The whole world knows pervert joe is NOT in charge of his facilities or the WH/GOVERNMENT but who is and look at the alternatives .

    2. You give Bidens scrambled brain too much credit !! However all the military activity as well as killing the supposed terrorist nobody ever heard of is futile attempt to divert attention from chaos, deliberate flood of all kind of criminals and filth from all over the world under cover of night, escalating crime and murders in unprecedented numbers , food and supply shortage, skyrocketing gasoline and costs of goods prices Etc …demolitions of our once great country ….
      Wag that dog !

  2. IS IT POSSIBLE that JB made a decision.........I DON"T THINK SO...........Wonder who his decision maker is...

      1. On the contrary - someone who hated this country for a long time but has the opportunity to inflict all the damage without his name attached to it while building a huge mansion on 3 acre property in Hawaii for escape … any guess ?

  3. Biden is activating 3,000 troops? That should scare the Russians who are running out of space to park their 100,000 plus troops plus tanks, planes and other equipment. We did play a major role in driving the Russians out of Afghanistan by supplying the Afghans with modern equipment. We actually supplied military equipment to people who were willing to fight for themselves. Of course they later thanked us by crashing planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. There's nothing like gratitude for a job well done.

  4. Bidens world Democrats in power here we go again this time may be the big one people the Bible tells use about it is this it .
    As the world goes to crap thank you Biden a nd the Democrats. God bless our troops if Biden puts them in his mess over foreign boarders as he lets ours go to crap .

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