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5 comments on “WATCH: Thousands Of Firefighters Deployed Against Massive Wildfires Threatening To Overwhelm Resources”

  1. In California public lands have been so mismanaged by the Democrat controlled government it's clear who is at fault with these annual fires. They refuse to clear dead and dying trees of the thick brush that exists everywhere. The Mexican Cartels have illegal marijuana farms all over these areas and they are a likely cause of some of these fires. The utilities refuse to invest in underground lines leaving them open to lightning strikes that come every year. Newsom is being recalled for many reasons one of which is his lack of interest in solving this problem. Elder for Governor.

    1. LET THEM BURN> It was their policies that stopped clear cutting and re-forestation and now they are losing all--WILD LIFE, VALUABLE TIMBER, FLOODS will now occur, because of NO VEGETATION, Silting in of streams and killing the fish in them, acid soils, Mud slides, ETC. They brought it all on by themselves and their "HOLLYWOOD" want-to -bees!!! Worthless people now reaping what they sowed thru their "ENVIRONMENTALISTS" mis-directed methods. I'm a staunch conversationalist using real scientific means to properly preserve our soils and creeks and still using them for productive agriculture and have built up our soils, clean creeks, use natural fertilizers, stream breaks, soil conversation strips, PTO terraces, waterways, Natural growth timber that is clean with many mushrooms and now have an abundance of our natural wildlife: deer, turkeys, rabbits, owls, fish, skunks, racoons, song birds, chipmunks, gofers, worms like nightcrawlers and even dairy cattle on pastures. And I did it by myself, the Lord and my wife and my two daughters for over 50 years now all on1200 acres- no hired help either or government money!!!!!.

  2. Thank Newsome for taxing populace to renew water storage and then doing absolutely nothing. Thank save the animals people who would sooner take care of a two,inch fish than supply water to people who need it, thank ecologists who prevent clearing of undergrowth as the Indians did thus helping fire to spread, etc.
    Thank the voters of California for the source of it all….voting for liberal democrats. Now those voters that can afford it are moving to well run states so that they can continue voting for the same ruinous people. They will cheerfully ruin those states too if not stopped.
    The basics must be returned. Begin with truth in reporting laws, clean up judges who try to make law, return schools to giving an education not training them to be good little liberals with advanced sex Ed.
    This morning the news is carrying the disaster that used to be called Afghanistan. Still another star in the liberal crown. That thank you Biden. How many more of our men will die on your watch?
    To Americans…How many democrats are you going to vote into office in the future? Perhaps you have lost your minds.

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