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18 comments on “WATCH: Russian Troops Mobilize While Ukraine Under Major Cyber Attack”

  1. Send in the socially woke diplomats, joey boy. They can defuse this CHARLIE FOXTROT-----no way in HELL you spineless ,brainless, worthless politician....not going to even suggest you are a Commander in Chief.....

  2. Immigrants should not be eligible for anything. We didn't ask them to come here and stimulus checks are nothing more than a way to get votes. I vote we send them back across the border. If you can't find your way home call Joe Biden. He will mandate a way home for them. This stimulus shit has gotten out of hand. It's time to come to reality. Stop the stimulus checks and Mandate going back to work. The lazy assholes who live here need to take a job and support themselves. The migrants need to be escorted back to the border. Finish the damn wall and enforce the laws concerning coming in the U.S.

    P.S. If the immigrants need an escort home call Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Sanders, Harris or any of Biden's crew. ! I don't think they're busy. They haven't accomplished any thing for a year. Doing escort work would be a plus!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm not sure how your post relates to the threats by Russia to the Ukraine. However, as you make some good points, I'll respond.

      I take it you're not an xenophobic and are referring to ILLEGAL immigrants. Since the beginning of our country we've invited LEGAL immigrants. We should welcome CONTROLLED immigration that benefits the NEEDS of our country. That means determining who comes here from where, when, why, with what talents and wealth and for how long. It's the right, even duty, of a sovereign nation. If it means a temporary restriction on ALL immigration, so be it.

      As for all other immigrants, they're entitles to three things per international and US laws. First is emergency medical care. Second is the protections of Due Process in the Bill of Rights. And third is the right to be ARRESTED, DETAINED, and DEPORTED.

  3. Well let Hunter bidden take care of them. Isn't Ukraine under the control of an "energy" Billionaire? sounds like what is happening in the USA corporations and Billionaires "buy" elections with propanganda and out right illegal "ballot harvesting".Well past time for the Corrupt "socialists" to get their due in the USA.

    1. So you'd be in favor of a Russian takeover of the Ukraine? Then what, Belarus, the entire Black Sea, the Baltic countries?

      As for Hunter Biden, like the Clintons, he's well protected politically.

        1. Is Russia the King of the North referred to in the Bible? Do Magog, Tubal, and Meshek refer to Russia as they were part of it? Quite possibly. They certainly detest Israel and the Jews.

  4. How sad. Wonder if this is what Soretoro meant when he told Putin that he could get more done after he was elected for a second term.

      1. You must be very young, because everyone knows that is one of Obama's last names. He got it after his mother married the man from Indonesia named Lolo Soetoro and she had to change Obama's last name in order for him to attend school there.

        1. I take it you missed the 😉 . How so? And why are you fearful of using Mr. (intentional) Obama's birth name? Is it due to partisan demagoguery?

          By the way child, I'm 76.

  5. Where there was peace and prosperity under Trump--there is chaos, inflation, impending war, fraud, lies, empty shelves, not energy independent under bean brain Biden! Thanks Dems!

  6. Biden , Mr . Wrong way will surely screw this up with his band of imbeciles . And the news media will continue to lie to the world . Are you sure democrats are good or evil . I'm sure you know the truth . Make America Great Again .

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