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16 comments on “WATCH: Suspect Opens Door, Sticks Gun In Officers Face”

    1. I did not either all they showed was the man saying had to get pants on they need to back up to show if they did or did not if not they are guilty if yes they are clean myself I would have been calling 911 before went to the door if nothing else I have an alarm system that I would have set off and let the alarm company handle it before I opened door

    1. No, there have been too many policemen impersonators wearing cops uniforms. You cannot tell who is legitimate these days.

  1. The lady called the cops he knew. We don’t need more police training. We need idiot training. Simple a man in a uniform with a gun gives an order follow instructions very carefully. Or gamble and die.

      1. What difference would it make. If it was a criminal and he said “police “ how would you know. If you are that concerned call 911 before opening the door and be sure.

  2. The man should have asked for their ID and to have the officers slip it through the crack in the door. The man should have stayed in his house and waited for the officers to enter his house. If they truly were officers of the law, do not shoot them. If they are fake cops, fire at will before they kill you.

    1. We DO NOT give anyone our ID. We will show it to them if we are in in clothes and asked but even then almost all the time the plain clothes guy will have his badge and ID showing in plain sight.
      The suspect was bought and paid for when he leveled a gun at the Officer. The Officer screwed up by going up those stairs to the suspect right in front of him. You should ALWAYS place yourself in a position to be safe and out of their line of fire. The best position is where they aren't able to see you right away and you can evaluate the suspect first even if you stand off the porch to the side. That Officer was exceptionally lucky that night. HIS only choice would have been to grab the gun. Thankfully his back-up was in position to shoot the suspect before he could get a round off.

  3. yep you better watch it . law enforcement are commies now as well as biden and clan . do not trust any of them. the laws that are using to gain control over AMERICANS. are the laws of USA . THIS IS NOW USSA. USA LAWS DON'T MATTER ANYMORE. AND WE DON'T OBEY NO DAMN COMMIE LAWS . """"WE WILL NOT SURRENDER""" AND YOY ARE NOT TAKING US WITH USA LAWS UNDER A COMMUNIST CONTROLING THE WHITEHOUSE.

  4. Seeing as how the cops are regularly taking our enemies side, they obviously do not care if we back the blue. In fact the message most of America is getting is “ they do not care about our rights!” Therefore we will regrettably step aside and watch ambush and beatings. Loyalty works both ways. Can not expect citizens to back you when you back our and your own enemies. No too smart, are you?

  5. 1st What I want to know is why the Police did Not identify themselves when knocking on the door, 2nd is where did the officer get that invisible horse that I hear galloping along?

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